About Cabin Pressure Fans

Hello and welcome to cabinpressurefans.co.uk, a site dedicated to the wonderful BBC Radio 4 sitcom, Cabin Pressure. Written by the clearly talented and hilarious John Finnemore, Cabin Pressure (at the time of writing) has recently completed its third series, meaning its place in the Radio 4 calendar is well established and is on the radar(!) of most Radio 4 listeners.

With such a high standard of script writing, excellent casting and enormously talented actors, I, as many others have been, was instantly hooked. Its original, intelligent style has hit a note with many people, finding a niche in the sitcom world that was crying out to be filled. And its got it just right. I am not an avid Radio 4 listener, I’m under 30 don’t you know, I don’t wear tweed, read the Telegraph or even own a labrador, Cabin Pressure reaches out to anyone with a love of classic British comedy, delivered in a modern and unconventional setting. I would encourage anyone to listen. Start here with series 1. Bet you love it.

What this site aims to achieve

As a fan, I decided to build this site purely as a place where other followers of the show can come and express their appreciation. Personally I wanted to show gratitude to the writer and production team and try to give the show the recognition I believe it deserves, so please leave comments where you can to encourage others to do the same. This site has no ‘end goal’ as such, but does aim to show the BBC that we are here as fans of the show, that we want continued production and, who knows? Maybe one day we’ll see Cabin Pressure on our TV screens.

How you can interact with this website

You can interact with this site in a few ways. Firstly, if you are versed in the language of Twitter, then please follow @cabin_pressure where you will receive any updates or news that I have and will also endeavour to follow you in return as a thank you. You can also leave comments on any article posted on this site, so if you have something to say, get typing! If you would like to get in touch, then you can by emailing contact at cabinpressurefans.co.uk. I would be delighted to hear from you if you have any comments or suggestions regarding the site or maybe even some content such as photographs or stories that you think I may be interested in adding to the site. Finally, a bit of an appeal, but running a site like this does incur hosting costs. If you are able to make a donation, however small, then it would be gratefully received to ease the burdon! Please click here if you would like to make a contribution or use the link on the right. Thank you in advance.

You can also help simply by spreading the word by letting people know about the site, retweeting tweets from the site account, tweeting about the site from your own accounts or linking to the site from your own webspace or blog. If you can do any of this, I would be eternally grateful and would help the site to grow.


Please do note that this site is not official in any way. There are no links, financial or otherwise, between this site and the makers of Cabin Pressure or the BBC. This site is unendorsed by anyone and has no legal affiliation with Cabin Pressure’s production company or the BBC. Therefore, any views expressed on his site may not be assumed to represent those of John Finnemore, the show’s production company or the BBC. I would obviously be delighted to hear from any of the official bodies, the writer or actors if would like to pass comment through the site or provide content for it.

So thank you for visiting the site, I hope you enjoy your stay and have been inspired to listen!