John Finnemore

John FinnemoreThat John Finnemore would become an established name in British comedy was already starting to become clear during his college years. While studying English at the University of Cambridge he was part of the famous Cambridge Footlights where he wrote and performed in a variety of sketch shows and pantomimes, becoming vice-president in his final year.

Finnemore is mostly known for his radio work. After graduating from university he started writing material for popular radio comedy shows like Dead Ringers and That Mitchell and Webb Sound, and he has appeared in The Now Show/The Vote Now Show performing his own sketches. His 8-minute speech about the News of the World phone hacking scandal is one of the most celebrated pieces from recent years and has garnered him a lot of praise. In 2011 a dream came true when John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme was commissioned, a sketch show written entirely by Finnemore and recorded in front of a live audience. The four episodes turned out to be very successful and the series was awarded with a Award for Best British Radio Sketch Show. It was recently revealed that JFSP would return for a second series.

In 2008 the first series of Cabin Pressure was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and almost immediately gained critical acclaim, becoming more and more popular with audiences as seasons went on. In addition to writing the sitcom, Finnemore also gives voice to the slightly dim-witted but perpetually optimistic steward Arthur Shappey. After three series the show has been awarded with both a Writer’s Guild of Great Britain nomination (2010) and award (2011) for the writing, as well as being voted Best British Radio Sitcom at the 2011 Awards. A fourth series has been commissioned and will be recorded later this year.

His TV credits are not as numerous as his work for radio, but he has written for (and had small cameos in) Dead Ringers and That Mitchell and Webb Look and starred most prominently in Miranda as Chris, “a very punchable man.” Additionally, he has written and starred in the unaired pilot episode of George and Bernard Shaw, a new BBC sitcom about an elderly gay couple, which is still in the developmental stage but will hopefully appear on our screens soon.

2003 – Dead Ringers (writer)
2003 – That Mitchell and Webb Sound (writer)
2006 – Fordham and Lipson In Your Ear (writer and performer)
2006 – The Now Show/The Vote Now Show (writer and performer)
2008 – John Finnemore, Apparently (writer and performer)
2008 – 28 Acts in 28 Minutes (writer and performer)
2008 – Michael McIntyre’s Big Night In (writer and performer)
2008 – Footlights 125: A Retrospective (writer and performer)
2008 – Cabin Pressure (writer and performer)
2009 – Boffoonery! Comedy Benefit for Bletchley Park (writer and performer)
2010 – From Fact To Fiction: None of the Above (writer and performer)
2011 – John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme (writer and performer)
2011 – Dilemma (guest)
2011 – News Quiz Panto (writer and performer)
2012 – The Unbelievable Truth (guest)
2012 – The News Quiz (guest)

2004 – Dead Ringers (writer)
2006 – That Mitchell and Webb Look (writer)
2009 – Miranda (as Chris)
2010 – The One Ronnie (writer)
2011 – George and Bernard Shaw (writer and performer)

2006 – Brief Encounters: Semi-Detached (writer)

2009 – David Mitchell’s Soapbox (writer)

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