Roger Allam

Roger AllamRoger Allam was drawn to performing after going to see Tom Stoppard’s ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead’ at London’s Old Vic. After this Roger then went to Manchester University to study a BA in Drama. In 1981 Allam joined the RSC and has worked on and off with them for many years. In 1985 Roger was cast in the role of Inspector Javert in the Original London Cast of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, which started at the Barbican before transferring to the Palace Theatre in London’s West End. Roger has made many television appearances over the years in such programmes as ‘The Thick of it’, ‘The Bill’, ‘Waking the Dead’ and ‘Midsomer Murders’. He has also appeared in many films most recently ‘The Woman in Black’ and ‘Iron Lady’.

In 1993 Roger appeared in a new musical, City of Angels, in the West End but unfortunately, despite good reviews, the show closed early. However, Roger was nominated for the Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Musical for his performance as Stone.

In 2010 Roger appeared in Henry the IV at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre the reviews for the play were amazing and Roger was awarded with an Olivier for Best Actor in a Play.

Roger has a very noticeable voice and has done lots of voice-over work for different adverts on television. He has also worked on many radio plays such as Great Expectations, Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Les Miserables.

Film and TV
1989- Wilt- Davz
1989- Ending Up- Doctor Mainwaring
1989- The Fairy Queen- Oberon
1989- Inside a Terrorist Bombing- Charles Treymayne
1994- Screen Two- Stephen Summerchild
1997- Heartbeat- Graham Hayes
1998- Inspector Morse- Denis Cornford
1998- The Creatives- Charlie Baxter
1998- Midsomer Murders- Alan Hollingsworth
1999- Foyles War- Alastair Graeme
1999- RKO 281- Walt Disney
2003- The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone- Christopher
2005- A Cock and Bull Story- Adrian
2005- Inspector Lyndley Mysteries- Simon Featherstonehough
2006- The Wind that Shakes the Barley- Sir John Hamilton
2006- The Queen- Robin Janvrin
2006- V for Vendetta- Lewis Prothero
2007- The Thick of it- Peter Mannion
2007- Spooks- Paul Millington
2008- Speed Racer- E.P Arthur Royalton
2008- The Curse of Steptoe- Tom Sloane
2009- Krod Mandoon- General Arcadius
2009- Ashes to Ashes- Super Mac
2010- Tamara Drewe- Nicholas Hardiment
2011- Game of Thrones- Magiser Illyiro Mopatis
2011- Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides- Henry Pelham, Priminister of Great Britian
2012- Endeavour- CI Fred Thursday
2012- Iron Lady- Gordon Reece
2012- The Woman in Black- Mr Bentley

1978- Macbeth-Macbeth
1978- Mary Barnes- Angie’s Brother/Lecturer
1978- The Merchant- Solomon Urqe
1978- Measure for Measure- Angelo
1978- Threepenny Opera- Macheath
1978- Doctor and the Devil- Dr Rock
1978- Babes in the Wood- Sheriff of Nottingham
1978- Weapons of Happiness- Ralph Makepeace
1978- The Man Himself- Michael
1978- SUS- Wilby
1978- Scum- Marcel
1978- Vinegar Tom- Mr Packer
1978- Kiss and Kill- Carl
1978- Floorshow- Comedian/Musician
1979- Mary Barnes- Angie’s Brother/Lecturer
1979- Sweeney Todd- Sweeney Todd
1979- All Our Loving- Uncle Dell
1979- Benefits- TV Philosopher
1979- The Charge of the Light Brigade- Armitage Shanks
1981- Two Gentlemen of Verona- Outlaw
1981- Titus Andronicus- Demetrius
1981- Alls Well that Ends Well- Morgan
1981- Twin Rival- Subtleman/Richmore
1982- Our Friends in the North- Conrad
1982- Poppy- Lin
1983- The Charge of the Light Brigade- Terrence Gwain Hackett
1983- Typhoid Mary- Dr Soper
1984- Romeo and Juliet- Mercutio
1984- A Midsummer Night ‘s Dream- Oberon/Theseus
1984- Richard III- Clarence
1984- Today- Victor Ellison
1984- The Party- Ford
1985- The Dream Play- Officer
1985- Les Miserables- Javert
1986- Heresies- Pimm
1986- The Archibisoph’s Ceiling- Adrian
1987- Julius Caesar- Brutus
1987- Measure for Measure- The Duke of Vincentio
1987- Twelth Night- Sir Toby Belch
1989- The Fairy Queen- Oberon
1990- Much ado about Nothing- Benedick
1990- The Seagull- Trigorin
1991- Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde- Jekyll
1992- Madras House- Philip Madras
1992- Una Pooka- Angelo
1993- City of Angels- Stone
1994- Arcadia- Bernard Nightingale
1995- The Importance of Being Earnest- Jack Worthing
1995- The Way of the World- Mirabell
1996- the Learned Ladies- Trissotin
1996- Macbeth- Macbeth
1997- ART- Serge/Marc
1999-Troilus and Cressida- Ulysses
1999- Money- Henry Graves
1999- Summerfolk- Bassnov
2000- Albert Speer- Hitler
2000- The Cherry Orchard- Lopakhin
2001- Privates on Parade- Terri Dennis
2002- What the Night is for- Adam
2003- Democracy- Willy Brandt
2004- Aladdin- Abbanazar
2006- Blackbird- Ray
2006-Pravda- Lambert Le Roux
2007- The Giant- Leonardo da Vinici
2007- Boeing Boeing- Bernard
2008- Afterlife- Max Reinhardt
2009- Gods of Carnage- Michel Vallon
2009- La Cage Aux Folles- Albin/Zaza
2010- Henry IV- Falstaff

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