Arthur Shappey

Arthur ShappeyWell what can you say about Arthur? The most loveable, charming, innocent and witless character you are ever likely to encounter.

Son of MJN Air CEO Carolyn and her former husband Gordon Shappey, Arthur is the airline’s one and only full time steward and goes about his duties with irrepressible happiness and enthusiasm. While his efficiency in carrying out his role as steward of the aeroplane is often called into question, his effort and desire to do well could never possibly be – his childlike energy and excitable nature see to it that every task is approached with his fullest concentration. However little that may count for.

Constant knocks, setbacks and the fact he is often the butt of jokes and the figure of fun do nothing to subdue Arthur’s joie de vivre and love for what he does.

Arthur likes: Let’s face it. Arthur loves pretty much everything. Notably his job, cheesecake, baths at just the right temperature and tossing an apple from one hand to the other.

Arthur Doesn’t like:  Mean people (Aunt Ruth for example). Being put on the spot.

You’ll often hear Arthur say: “BRILLIANT”, “WOW”


The role of Arthur is played by the show’s creator and writer John Finnemore