Carolyn Knapp-Shappey

Carolyn Knapp-ShappeyCarolyn, CEO of MJN, founded the airline after acquiring the aircraft in the divorce from her former husband.

As the boss and Alpha Dog, Carolyn’s no-nonsense approach and fearsome demeanour keep the troublesome air crew in check. Carolyn does not suffer fools gladly and good luck to any who crosses her – she won’t be found to be mincing her words.

While keeping a firm grasp on the airline’s purse strings, Carolyn’s main problem is keeping her pilots on the straight and narrow, keeping her clients happy and keeping her business in the black.




Carolyn likes: Being CEO of MJN, any victory over Douglas and belittling sarcasm.

Carolyn doesn’t like: Being called ‘dearie’, misbehaving pilots, wasting money.

You’ll often hear Carolyn say: “Shut up”, “Gentlemen!”

The role of Carolyn is played by British comedy legend Stephanie Cole.