Douglas Richardson

Douglas RichardsonFirst Officer Douglas Richardson – The old hat. The sky God. The undisputed master of the air.

At least that is what he would have you believe. Douglas is a character oozing with self assurance, confidence and self worth, built up through his great experience as a pilot. Ever-ready with a sharp remark, come-back or put down, Douglas is the smooth-talking veteran who is always at least one step ahead of the game.

With such a commanding presence, his position as First Officer rather than Captain is something of a mystery, but all becomes apparent. Not that being a First Officer bothers him. Of course not…

Douglas spends a lot of time scheming – an alterior motive is never far away, leaving the rest of the crew trying to keep up, something they usually try and fail to achieve.

Douglas likes: Being right, himself, scheming, being good at everything.

Douglas doesn’t like: Not being right. About anything. Losing. Being upstaged.

You’ll often hear Douglas say: “Told you so”, “Bad luck, Captain”

The role of Douglas is played by actor of stage and screen, the superb Roger Allam.