Martin Crieff

Martin CrieffMartin Crieff, the hapless, desperate-to-impress Captain of MJN Air. Martin is performing the role that he believes is the reason he is on the planet.
In a command position at a young age, Martin’s main problem is being taken seriously as Captain, which is exactly what he desires most.

Martin is fighting a constant uphill battle to convince everyone he meets that he is a worthy airline Captain, a task made even more difficult by his co-pilot being such a ‘mighty sky God’. In his pursuit for respect as Captain, Martin often comes unstuck by intervention or by his natural ability to get things horribly wrong, making his position ever more difficult for others to take seriously and his insecurity ever more apparent.


Martin likes: Being Captain first and foremost, being a pilot a close second.

Martin doesn’t like: Not being recognised as Captain or being taken seriously.

You’ll often hear Martin say: “Oh God”, “Stop it, Douglas!”

The role of Martin is played by the hugely popular and talented British screen actor Benedict Cumberbatch.