Series 1

Film poster style image for episode Abu Dhabi. Tagline reads 'Sir'

1 Abu Dhabi

Carolyn attempts to stop her pilots wasting company money though following her instructions to the letter leads to problems and a big decision to be made. Arthur takes on the catering and is baffled by how planes actually fly, while a game of ‘Brians of Britain’ keeps the pilots entertained.

Film poster style image for episode Boston. Tagline reads fine fine fine fine fine

2 Boston

Trouble on board as a smoking passenger refuses to play by the rules, Martin struggles to be taken seriously as a proper captain and to win a game of Simon Says.

Film poster style image for episode Cremona. Tagline reads 'Arthur. Steward of the aeroplane'

3 Cremona

With a highly strung film star on board, the crew trip over themselves trying to impress her in their own special ways. Carolyn is far from starstruck and doesn’t take kindly to being called ‘dearie’…

Film Poster style image for episode Douz. Tagline reads 'Brilliant!'

4 Douz

When encountering difficulties with the airport manager while on a trip to rescue a stricken air crew, l’entente cordiale is stretched to its limit. Arthur is snap-happy in an attempt to find the perfect cover shot for the company brochure.

Film Poster style image for episode Edinburgh. Tagline reads 'Nail Varnish?'

5 Edinburgh

Its Birling day and Martin’s first. Confused as to why the crew are pandering to their client so incessantly, the captain sticks to his values. Arthur is unlucky in love while Douglas plots his usual attempt to get his hands on Mr Birling’s whisky.

Film Poster style image for episode Fitton. Tagline reads '£100'

6 Fitton

While on standby at Fitton airfield, the crew do what they can to keep themselves occupied. Carolyn receives an offer from her former husband and an operational misjudgement creates the need for some crew role-playing.

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