Series 2

Film Poster style image for episode Helsinki Tagline reads 'Golf Echo Echo'

1 Helsinki

Arthur books a passenger for a trip though Carolyn isn’t as pleased about it as he had hoped. Martin is idolised by an aspiring pilot, while Douglas works on an import/export project.

Film Poster style image for episode Gdansk. Tagline reads 'sleepy dopey happy grumpy sneezy bashful doc'

2 Gdansk

With an orchestra on board, Carolyn doesn’t see eye to eye with a severely paranoid bassoonist, while in the flight deck the pilots’ betting games take an interesting turn.

Film Poster style image for episode Ipswich. Tagline reads '19'

3 Ipswich

On a safety refresher course in Ipswich the crew jostle for position as alpha dog of the team. With course examinations looming, Arthur is pushed to his limits.

Film Poster style image for episode Johannesburg. Tagline reads 'Fizzy Yoghurt'

4 Johannesburg

Sick of her pilots’ ability to lose her money, Carolyn arranges a bet for a trip to Johannesburg. An unscheduled stop means a race against time… and money.

Film Poster style image for episode Kuala Lumpur. Tagline reads 'Welcome to the flap and throttle'

5 Kuala Lumpur

On standby at the airport, Martin discovers a secret club. Carolyn attempts to improve Arthur’s stewarding skills, while Arthur tries to become a more proficient liar.

Film Poster style image for episode Limerick. Tagline reads 'Russell Crowe'

6 Limerick

On a long haul flight, boredom leads to word games, quizzes, limerick writing and heart to heart conversation. The ‘thing in the box’ provides a source of great mystery for one crew member.

Film Poster style image for episode Molokai. Tagline reads 'Babushka'

Cabin Pressure at Christmas

Carolyn tries her hardest to win the business of a wealthy yacht broker and forces the crew into an extra trip. Arthur has to fit in as much festivity as he can in limited time.

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