Series 3

Qikiqtarjuac Episode Poster with tagline 'The Travelling Lemon'

1 Qikiqtarjuaq

The crew take a group on a mission to see polar bears in a remote location. Douglas feuds with Martin, Carolyn with the client, and the client with the entire airline. Arthur goes bear crazy while Martin assumes a brand new identity.

Paris Episode Poster with tagline 'Happy Birling Day to us!'

2 Paris

Its Birling day all over again. This time, Martin is put in charge of the client’s special whisky, away from Douglas’ sticky fingers, however its mysterious disappearance means he has to turn Miss Marple with Arthur ever keen to help out.

Newcastle Episode Poster with tagline 'Jean Paul Sartre'

3 Newcastle

Could love be in the air for some of the crew members? Martin has grand designs on a grander airline though a more than professional interest in a passenger, problems with ground staff and just being himself are enough to distract his ambition.
Tom Goodman-Hill plays the role of Martin in this episode.

Ottery St Mary Episode Poster with tagline 'Jelly Babies to Manual'

4 Ottery St Mary

With Martin out of commission himself, he enlists the help of his colleagues to fulfil a delivery for his ‘Man with a van’ business, however there is only so much help these two can provide. Carolyn trades embarrassing revelations while on a day out with Herc. Yellow car.

Rotterdam Episode Poster with tagline 'Hello MJN Air is that God?'

5 Rotterdam

The crew fight for the starring role in the company’s new promotional video, though some are more obviously interested than others…
Martin’s worst nightmare becomes reality and Douglas finally meets his match.

St Petersburg Episode Poster with tagline 'Rhyming Journeys'

6 St Petersburg

An airbourne incident means Martin comes of age, though the damaged aircraft spells the end for MJN. Arthur gets to meet his father again for better or worse, while rhyming is on the agenda for the pilots.

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