Fan Art

Fan art is not something I do myself, however I do know that its commonplace on the interwebs. If any reader enjoys making fan art and would like to share it, please send it to and it will be displayed on this page for the world to see! Don’t forget to include your name and location so you can be credited. Email adresses and any other contact details will not be put on the site.

Faye Simms []

pandamari [Link]

Fan Art drawing of Arthur Shappey Throwing a cakeFan Art drawing of Arthur Shappey using a fire extinguisher on a passengerFan Art drawing of Martin Crieff talking to an otter

Emma Palne

Fan Art Drawing of Martin Crieff

Linka-Neo [Link]

Linka-Neo Fanart

Nero749 [Link]

Nero749 FanartNero749 FanartNero749Sherlock - Cabin Pressure Crossover Fan Art

yamiswift [Link]

yamiswift Fanart

Sadyna [Link]

Fanart by Sadyna

johanirae [Link]

Fanart by johanirae

HugMonster341 [Link]

Fanart by HugMonster341Fanart by HugMonster341

nzlioness [Link]

Im not flying with a live otter in the flight deckOtters in the flight deck

nerotoast [Link]

Martin with lemon on head

save-the-day [Link]

The whole crew

hattiedraper [Link]

Martin finds the lemon

Cloliae [Link]

Cabin Pressure Fanart by Cloliae

Ayantiel [Link]

Cabin Pressure Fanart by AyantielCabin Pressure Fanart by Ayantiel

Dongpeiyen1000 [Link]

Cabin Pressure Fanart by Dongpeiyen1000

LetsSaveTheUniverse [Link]

CelieHardy [Link]