23 Feb
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4 New Cabin Pressure T Shirts

Greetings friends! You’re here because you are a Cabin Pressure fan and today is the last episode recording day. Cabin Pressure has run its course, reached its final destination with Gerti parked at the terminal Terminal. We all, as devoted fans, will not forget Cabin Pressure and the happiness it has brought us all. To commemorate, Ive created a few new T Shirt designs! We can keep the love of Cabin Pressure going for a long time yet :) Check out the designs below, they’re all available to buy on Redbubble, just click the images! To see all of the T-Shirts from Cabin Pressure Fans, please click here.

1 Comment

  • I love these! I’ve been wanting a Cabin Pressure shirt and I searched RedBubble and didn’t come across these before. I’m definitely getting one!

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