16 May
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Collection of Fan-Made Cabin Pressure Videos on YouTube

There are literally hundreds of fan-made projects going on, be it fan art, cos plays and videos. Here is a selection of the best contributions by fans found on YouTube. If there are any other good ones that are not on this list, please do let me know in the comments.

Know someone who you think might like Cabin Pressure? Point them in the direction of this page – I’ll be astonished if they don’t want to listen…

First of all, a couple of videos by the real-life supreme commander, John Finnemore. Enjoy :)

Arthur Shappey Explains the Rules of Yellow Car

John Finnemore Takes The Travelling Lemon Around Europe

The Best! Cabin Pressure Advert (in style of Nikon Advert)

Ottery St. Mary Kinetic Text

Limerick Kinetic Text

Very Funny Tribute to Cabin Pressure on Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Gdansk Kinetic Text

Nice Hot Cup of Coffee Animation

Brians of Britain


So, what do you think?