11 Mar
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COMPETITION #1 Win Cabin Pressure: The Collected Series s1-3 Courtesy of AudioGo CLOSED

Cabin Pressure The Collected Series Would you like to win your own copy of Cabin Pressure: The Collected Series on CD? Well now you can!

Audiogo UK have very kindly offered Cabin Pressure Fans the chance to win one of 3 copies of the CD boxset. The Prize consists of a boxset of Cabin Pressure series 1 to 3, including Molokai (the Christmas special), which every Cabin Pressure fan would love to have in their life!

How To Enter

Want to enter the draw? Well it’s quite simple to do so, just leave a comment beneath this post and you will automatically be entered into the draw. When you create a comment, please enter your email address into the box provided – your address will not be visible to the public and under no circumstances will it be shared with anyone else. It’s just so I can contact you if you win! That’s it! If you’ve left a comment, then you’re in the draw.

The competition is open to fans all over the world, not just the UK. The prize can be posted anywhere :)
There are 3 copies in total, which means 3 competitions! Each will run for a week and the winner of each one will be announced on the website and on Twitter. The draw will be made at random so there is no advantage in being the first or last to comment – please only one entry per person, multiple entries will be excluded and not considered in the draw.

The winner will be drawn Monday 18th March and announced at 2000hrs GMT
Than a new competition will start, so if you don’t get it first time, you’ve got two more tries!

Prize details:
Running Time: 8hrs 50min
Publisher: AudioGO Ltd
Number of CDs: 10
Release Date: 01/11/2012

Obviously a huge amount of thanks to AudioGo for providing the prizes – please give them a follow on Twitter (@AudioGO_UK) and some likes on their Facebook Page.


  • Brilliant! :)

  • Thanks for making the competition open worldwide! Greetings from Australia!

  • Brilliant!

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  • Ooh, this sounds exciting. It would be nice to have them all because I have no other way of listening to them.

  • Thankful to have it open worldwide as well!

  • This contest is brilliant! Many thanks for making it global :)

  • I loved this series of Cabin Pressure, it would be awesome to have it on CD! :)

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  • Even I can take part in this competition “with my wits tied behind my back” xxx

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  • Jelly babies to manual

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  • Yay from the Philippines! :)

  • I am a fan of this game. This is… BRILLIANT!

  • Yay! Can;t wait for Series 4 to get onto CD!

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  • You are really great for doing this! And for including worldwide fans! Thanks

  • What an absolutely brilliant competition!

  • Wow, brilliant contest! fingers crossed ;)

  • Huge thank you to Audio Go for making this possible! :) Brilliant!

  • Oh, this is cool :)! Thanks to everyone involved, it would be so cool to have all three seasons :)!

  • BRILLIANT!!!!!!! So cool to have all the seasons on CD!!!

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  • Yellow car!

  • Raising a glass to the show’s conclusion being worthy of its wonderful cliffhanger…. Or to getting another 4 seasons. I can go either way…

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  • In the words of Arthur Shappey, To win this would be BRILLIANT!!!!

  • We played Yellow Car, all the way to Newcastle, it was not appreciated by our big sister, which was Brilliant!!

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  • Brilliant! This would be awesome to win!

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  • Oh brilliant, you’re a lifesaver, now I can keep saving up for the A-Z exclusive deluxe edition that comes with a solid gold lemon!

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  • Jelly babies to manual!

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    *fingers crossed*
    Thanks for having the contest ^^b

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