24 Mar
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COMPETITION #2 Win Cabin Pressure: The Collected Series s1-3 Courtesy of AudioGo CLOSED

Cabin Pressure The Collected Series Would you like to win your own copy of Cabin Pressure: The Collected Series on CD? Well here is your second chance! Last week, Michelle Turner of NSW Australia was the randomly selected winner and her prize is currently on its way to her. This time it could be you!

Audiogo UK have very kindly offered Cabin Pressure Fans the chance to win one of 3 copies of the CD boxset. The Prize consists of a boxset of Cabin Pressure series 1 to 3, including Molokai (the Christmas special), which every Cabin Pressure fan would love to have in their life!

How To Enter

Want to enter the draw? Well it’s quite simple to do so, just leave a comment beneath this post and you will automatically be entered into the draw. When you create a comment, please enter your email address into the box provided – your address will not be visible to the public and under no circumstances will it be shared with anyone else. It’s just so I can contact you if you win! That’s it! If you’ve left a comment with an email address, then you’re in the draw.

The competition is open to fans all over the world, not just the UK. The prize can be posted anywhere :)
There are 3 copies in total, which means 3 competitions! Each will run for a week and the winner of each one will be announced on the website and on Twitter. The draw will be made at random so there is no advantage in being the first or last to comment – please only one entry per person, multiple entries will be excluded and not considered in the draw.

The winner will be drawn the evening of Sunday 31st March
The third and final competition will run after this one.

Prize details:
Running Time: 8hrs 50min
Publisher: AudioGO Ltd
Number of CDs: 10
Release Date: 01/11/2012

Obviously a huge amount of thanks to AudioGo for providing the prizes – please give them a follow on Twitter (@AudioGO_UK) and some likes on their Facebook Page.


  • MY boxset of Cabin Pressure NOW :)

  • Fingers crossed for this time! :D

  • I absolutely LOVE Cabin Pressure :)

  • Thank you. :)

  • Crossing all my fingers!!! ^^

  • 2nd time’s the charm?

  • Maybe now I’m lucky? :)

  • Good luck everyone!! :)

  • I never win anything, but it doesn’t hurt to try, right? :)

  • Love, LOVE this series.

  • Yellow car :)

  • This is just BRILLIANT!

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  • Thanks for giving us another chance!!! xD

  • maybe this time….

  • Haph jus histen to Heavon Hes Hann. Hlease en her me!. Hrilliant. (sorry, just had some ha hon root … HA-HON HOOT).

  • what a great idea!

  • Here I am don’t tread on me, here I am don’t tread on me…

  • I managed to completely miss the first competition! Fingers crossed this time :)

  • Yeah, another chance to win. Thank you!

  • ………………. ……..
    …….yellow car……….
    …………… …………….

  • Fingers crossed

  • You guys rock! Even if I don’t win (bravely bites back tears) it’s lovely that you’re doing this.

  • Keep my hopes up!

  • The hat is paramount!

  • … have a banana!

  • This is BRILLIANT!

  • Cabin Pressure!

  • Here I am, don’t tread on me! Here I am, don’t tread on me! Going round and round in my head all day, although I’ve forbidden myself to listen to Cabin Pressure at least a couple of days – people are looking at me funny when I giggle all alone on the bus on my way to work :-)

  • Here I am, send it to me !

  • Brilliant, skip! :D

  • The lemon is behind you…

  • Open with care because otters may have shifted! ;-)

  • My 12 year olds favourite programme

  • Dwagon fwuit? :)

  • Second chances are BRILLIANT! Thank you…

  • Fizz!

  • Fingers crossed!!

  • I’ll have the chipped mug.

  • Camel Camel!

  • Yes please!

  • Oh, what the hell. ♪ ’ave a banana! ♪

  • ♪ Get dressed you merry gentlemen! ♪

  • Way to go, AudioGo! Brilliant :-D

  • Buzz ……………….

  • Free, you say?

    I’m in :-)

  • Buzz

  • *extreme happynesses*

  • I’d love to win these.

  • Second try and btw Fizz ;)

  • Whee!!! BRILLIANT!!

    *fingers crossed*

  • Please :)

  • Thanks very much for this competition! And good luck to everyone :) And have a banana (of course) :P

  • Hope I will be lucky enough to win this. :D

  • Thank you for doing this!

  • ok i’m going to try :D

  • Polar bears :)

  • The competition is in (lemony) play! :)

  • Maybe I will be lucky this time :P
    Thanks for the contest! ^^

  • My son is a GINORMOUS Cabin Pressure fan, but we missed out on this for Christmas. So count me in!

  • Would love to win this!

  • B for…….BRAVO!

  • We’ll see what happens. :)

  • Fizz!
    Have a banana!

  • Does highlighter yellow count? #yellowcar #moreorlessyellowaccordingtorules

  • Crossing my fingers and toes!

  • It’s a CAKE

  • Sleepy, Dopey, Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, Doc. Thank you!

  • New competition? That’s the Sound of Music to my ears! :D

  • I feel lucky! GERONIMO!!!!

  • The Lemon is in play!

  • Brilliant competition!! Hope I win!!

  • Please please please please please please

  • Dear boxset,
    Come to your rightful owner now. Could be anyone, not just me… If someone else wins, they will be so happy…even that’ll be b-..obviously 4 everyone it’ll be br–. . .
    It’ll be alright.

  • Here I am don’t tread on me…

  • Would love to won this!

    Yellow car

  • Brilliant!

  • Yellow car!

  • I’ve no chance here…

  • this is a brilliant oportunity!!

    Congratulations to AudioGo!!!

  • Hoping for good luck this time!

  • I’m feeling the cabin pressure

  • Here I am: please tread on me, selector person!

  • ”Oh Goddddddd!’ Please, pick me this time!!!
    Thak you Cabin Pressure Fans and Audio Go UK!

  • Hopefully this will be the lucky one!

  • Maybe this time I’ll be lucky…

  • good luck everyone :)

  • Fingers crossed!

  • Brilliant!

  • I miss you CP

  • Fingers and toes crossed! Thanks for this!

  • It would be Brilliant!! :)

  • Fizz Buzz Have a Banana

  • The lemon is in play.

  • It would be so brilliant if I …

  • If I ask nicely will you pick me? Pretty please?

  • Everything about Cabin Pressure is just BRILLIANT!

    And thank you so much for this competition!

  • Maybe it’s the pineapple juice talking, but I CAN WIN THIS!

  • Couldnt think of anything better than a box set of CP.

  • It’s, ah…. It’s, ah… It’s, ah…

    Nothing more to say. Good lord, you’ve broken me!

  • Yellow car!!! :-)

  • Here I am send the box to me…
    Here I am send the box to me…
    Here I am send the box to me…

  • Brilliant!

  • Ooh brilliant!!

  • Oh please let it be me

  • Here I am, don’t step on me!

  • Maybe this time, I’ll get lucky…maybe this time, I’ll wiiiiinnnnnnnnnn. (apologies to the writers of Cabaret).

  • Need this ;)

  • You don’t have to wait till the 31st, am happy to receive the box-set early

  • Cabin pressure is brilliant. Really hope I win.

  • Just x-raying my geese…


  • Crossing my fingers here!

  • Yay, thank you so much for making this possible :D And I just want to say that if any of you guys were to be clad in a red dress right now, I would not assume you were a man… ;)


  • It’d be BRILLIANT if this boxset flew in Gerti to Argentina and to my hands :)

  • Snoopadoop, noblest of hounds!

  • Aaaahhhh I want this!!


  • Like Martin, I never win but it’s not stopping me to play! ‘Ave a banana and good luck to all!

  • Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  • Here I am don’t tread on me! ;-)

  • Mine! Mine! Mine! :D

  • That sounds BRILLIANT!

  • This comp is fab. I would use a word that starts with B but that is more than one sound long :’)

  • What a fantastic competition. Brilliant!! :)

  • I have control…I have control, I have control! Control, I have it!

  • *squee*

  • Wow skip! This is brilliant!

  • I need cp in my life xxx

  • Please can I win ?

  • Yes, please!

  • Cold isn´t it!

  • ~the lemon is in play!


  • Fingers crossed!

  • Would be nice to win a boxset, as I missed the original broadcasts.

    I think the sound quality of CD’s is better than that of an MP3 download too.

  • cabin pressure is simply awesome *-* even germans understand british humor^^
    …well… maybe not all of them/us^^”

  • How exciting!

  • I’d LOVE to have the CDs!

  • Sitting in the frontseat with a glass of Talisker,tossing an apple,looking at the otters playing around-that´s brilliant.Only thing missing is this AWESOME BOXSET.please come home to me!

  • Another BRILLIANT chance! :) I do need to listen again to those magnificent men and their flying machine :)

  • Pro forma comment for the purpose of contest entry.

  • OK :)

  • I smell smoke in the flight deck

  • Great comedy. I’d love to have the CD :-)

  • :D

  • I’m so glad my daughter introduced me to this show!

  • The only thing more brilliant than polar bears is this show.

  • Great prize for a nice competition :)

  • i dearly love Cabin Pressure! Most of all, Benedict Cumberbatch. “The Lemon is in play!”

  • This would be brilliant!

  • Oh yes please. Would love to own those. Have a great Easter Sunday!
    Anja _@V

  • I’m in!

  • Yippee! How kind of AudioGo. Good luck, everyone!

  • I’m happy to tell you that I feel lucky.

  • :)

  • Well, here’s for luck! :)

  • I love Cabin Pressure!!

  • Roger that Karl, clear to land and collect prize

  • Rising my ambitions!