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tim from aruba to cuba wrote at December 24, 2014:
This has been the best comedy in years even after listening to the repeats several times I continue to giggle.
Inspired by the travelling lemon whilst working at Bath christmas market we developed "the social teacup" which involves asking selected people (hats with bobbles, yellow coats etc.) to carry a half full cup of tea to another market trader who accepts the cup, with some gravity, and passes it on via another punter. We had a rally of 26 on one wet morning before being challenged by a particularly sharp pensioner.
Alan from Eh? wrote at December 24, 2014:
One of the few 'Laugh Out Loud' comedies of today. Very cleverly written. I've really loved each series. It only occurred to me today to look up the ''Lockheed McDonnell 312'' and was quite surprised to find G-ERTI in many guises! I didn't realise so many people felt the same way about her. In my job I load 737s & get quite attached to them, so I hope G-ERTI will get a happy ending ;)
Rachel Vanbora wrote at December 22, 2014:
Hallo, fellow airdot fans, I am looking for songwriters/musicians/lyricsts who would want to contribute to a Cabin Pressure tribute CD. Intrigued? Delighted? Baffled? Would like to know more? Please contact me at or on Happy listening tommorrow! (so not ready for Zurich!)
wendyann from The centre of the known universe (well, more or less the centre of England, anyway) wrote at December 21, 2014:
Feeling excited and a little bit wibbly in equal measure - how we, as a family have loved Cabin Pressure. We've decided to hold a cabin Pressure Marathon, and have a themed Treasure Hunt with all the destinations, plus bonus lemons, bananas and other CP stuff hidden around the house. My daughters seriously wanted to decorate a green umbrella so we could deck the halls with Martin's brolly this year (I blame the parents for introducing such nonsense into the home, myself...). Anyway chaps - we've really enjoyed the flight, ta muchly
Timothy from Ontario Canada wrote at November 17, 2014:
Hello to all! I discovered Cabin Pressure just over the summer and so wish I had discovered it earlier. I listened to all of the episodes within a week and loved all the characters. Like most of the fans I originally wanted to hear it because of Benedict Cumberbatch but the writing was what really drew me into the series. My favourite part of the series is probably Douglas's word games, or the cabin announcements that usually open the episodes.
Geoffrey Jarvis from British wrote at October 16, 2014:
What a joy the programme has been.
Luckily I haven't heard them all yet so some episodes to look forward to.
Wonderful ensemble cast.
But I guess all good things must end and Cabin pressure has been very very good.
Elsa from Spain wrote at August 5, 2014:
Thank you very much for doing this, I have just discovered this show and I love it. As a non native English speaker it helps me a lot, and this days (which are a bit difficult for me because personal problems) listening to this is one of the few thinghs that makes me laught...
Today I finished the last episode, and I´m happy and sad at the same time...
Thankk you very much, love.
Kitty from New Zealand wrote at August 1, 2014:
I live about 18km from my school and that doesn't sound very far, because it's not but on a bus doing a few stops on the way it happens to take around.. Oh I don't know... lets say 28 minutes. And I'm sure the Cumberfans out there all know what we say about coincidences... anyway my bestfriend (and bus buddy) is on holiday in Switzerland (eeek! CP feels!) and since shes been gone I've gotten into the habit of listening to Cabin Pressure on the way to school. I simply love it. The writing's... at loss of another word (I swear) brilliant! and more then once, I've had to fish my phone out of my pocket and pretend I've received a funny text (because I don't want to look like the weird girl with earphones in laughing her head off and CP's just way too funny not to) I cannot wait for Zurich to air (you should know that I do not wish this torture onto any of you) but that being said I'm so glad there are people out there as in love with this show as I am and that this website exists. Lets go fly some plane (;
Mahand wrote at July 2, 2014:
A fan from Maldives.

Brilliant! No other words for it.
Jennifer Irwin from Essex wrote at June 24, 2014:
Got hyper on brownies while listening to Xinzhou
This was the result:

Arthur: Can I finish up my snowman?
There so much snow outside the plane
You never let me make them anymore
once I turned 24
And soon we'll fly away!
The snow is perfect for this
both Martin and, Douglas have gone to play
please let me finish up the snowman
I'll knock it down before we go mum

Caroline: Code red Arthur!

Arthur: Okay fine

*Time passes*

Arthur: Can I finish up my snowman?
As the plane has been delayed
We are all stuck here anyway
so can I go outside to play
instead of doing Martin’s game?
(it’s too mathsy mum)
It gets so confusing
all these multiples
I'll simplify it down
(fizz, buzz, have a banana!)

*GERTI buzzes*
*Time passes*

Arthur: Mum?
Please, I know you’re in there
I think I’ve gotten locked outside
I went out to fix the APU
and built my snowman too
so please just let me in
I really hope you’re awake
its cold out here
and dawn’s not for several hours...

Mum, I finished up my snowman.
Jessica from Whittier, CA, USA wrote at June 23, 2014:
I started listening to this show because I love Benedict Cumberbatch and became addicted because it is HILARIOUS! I convinced my parents to play the Travelling Lemon in our living room and so far it's been fun. I've been taking pictures of the places the lemon has been and posting them on facebook. This series is BRILLIANT! Can't wait for Zurich! Come fly the friendly skies.
Tim from Stratford Upon Avon wrote at June 6, 2014:
Thought I was the only person on earth who had listened to this wonderful show. Finding this fan site has put an otter in my fridge. I have managed to convert one new fan, my daughter who thinks Arthur is brilliant. She is only 10. I am glad and saddened to hear there will be a conclusion.
Nma-Elie wrote at May 28, 2014:
Gotta love this show as well as Souvenir Programme. I only recently became a Radio 4 fan in 2012 so that I could listen to it on FM and on iPlayer while revising for my GCSEs. This show makes revision so much more laughable.
A proper show to fizz, buzz and have a banana about!
Rena Pelletier from Calgary, Alberta, Canada wrote at May 20, 2014:
I've just discovered this series and have now purchased every episode from iTunes!! It's so intelligent and funny and I'm so happy to have discovered it!
Tom wrote at May 14, 2014:
Cabin pressure is Brilliant.
It is so well written and
also Fizz buzz have a banana
Ruby Moonlight wrote at May 14, 2014:
LOOOOOOVE CP - wishing there could be a special with Bruce Dickinson a la Iron Maiden as a guest pilot. I can dream m/
Nancy Luttrell from USA - Louisiana. wrote at May 13, 2014:
Listen to these over and over and laugh again each time! Have these as music and audiobooks from Apple. I will be in England at Christmastime so I will get to hear the last show when it is first aired! I absolutely love each character. What a cast and what brilliant writing. So story it will be ending....
ellie-louise way from newbridge, south wales wrote at May 13, 2014:
Cabin pressure is one of the my favourite comedy's. I love the character's, they are just brilliant and wonderful. I love the games and can never stop playing yellow car.
Marcia from Midwest USA wrote at May 13, 2014:
Can't bring myself to listen to the last episode because then it will be over. Absolutely one of life's greatest pleasures. Brilliant!
James from in the cargo hold wrote at May 4, 2014:
Does anyone know


when the last episode


is scheduled for broadcast?
Nancy Sawyer wrote at April 27, 2014:
Love it. Have bought all the CD's. Will there be any more? I love English comedy, and have bought so may DV's over the last few years.
Becky from Scotland wrote at April 22, 2014:
Cabin Pressure is, as Arthur would say, just brilliant. It really is the funniest thing out there, extending that to both TV shows and movies. John is a spectacular writer who deserves everything for creating this wonderful series, and of course, the brilliant actors make is something special. Though I just became a fan recently (something I regret) I never go without listening to an episode or two!
Tony Buckley from Uk wrote at April 15, 2014:
I have all four series as audiobooks. Pretty unusual for me to lay out cash but this show is just so superb and clever that one can listen again and again and again without tiring.

A fantastic crew that work so well together, but an actor is only as good as his/her script. And every script is superb; who would have thought Arthur capable. :-)

And my fave... Just HAS to be Douglas! He delivers his lines with brilliance.

I am ambivalent about the final episode. Half of me is desperate to hear and the other half sad at the end. I do hope that the finale is not tying up all the lose ends. However I would fully support Martin receiving a 100% pay rise lol.
Noah Gray wrote at April 11, 2014:
Just playing yellow car...!!
Derek Chapman from Reading, UK wrote at April 10, 2014:
Possibly the best cast in any radio comedy ever - funny and poignant by turns. And mind expanding too - I had never heard of errr... wherever it was.....Qikiqtarjuaq!
Happy lemons, everyone.
Jessica from South Yorkshire wrote at April 9, 2014:
I absolutely adore Cabin Pressure. When I found out we could write an analysis on the language of anything we wanted in A2 English Language, I instantly thought of this! It's perfect for an analysis of humour and the characters' speech. This website made it so easy to get hold of transcripts, so I want to say a huge thanks to John Finnemore for writing this wonderful sitcom and a thank you to the people behind this website who made my life ten times easier. You've been mentioned in the bibliography.

Thank you so much! -Jess x
Ricend from Huskvarna wrote at April 7, 2014:
While working in Sweden I became hooked on BBC iPlayer radio. Cabin Pressure soon became the highlight of the week. In a world where comedy relies more on vulgarity, it is wonderful to come across such a well-written and well-acted comedy that revels in character and wit. There is not one dud episode.
My favourite line is from Herc: 'Snoopadoop the cockapoo. Noblest of hounds!' Pure craftsmanship.
Patti from Philippines wrote at April 6, 2014:
Cabin Pressure is such a cutie! It's kinda weird when I listen to my files in a family gathering or public place. It keeps me in stitches all day or if I'm in bad mood, in lightens the dark cloud up :)) I'm waiting for Zurich!!!
Sharon.w wrote at April 4, 2014:
Can't believe I've gotten into this so late!!! Have to admit, came to it as a Benedict Cumberbatch fan, but thin all the characters are amazing.
What a 'brilliant' series.
My 15 year old daughter was listening with me the other day and is also a fan.
Can't pick a favourite bit yet - far too many of them to choose from.
Love to hear from other fans.
Kate Lewis from Stroud England wrote at March 28, 2014:
Love you Mr Allam - your voice is so irresistible!
wendyann from my mother, or wasn't that what you meant? wrote at March 21, 2014:
My teenage daughters seem to be listening to Cabin Pressure on a continuous loop - they don't see lemons, otters or polar bears in quite the same way anymore, and since they heard it first on the steam radio we agree they liked it before Benedict Cumberbatch became 'Benedict Cumberbatch' (swoon, thud). It's as near perfect a comedy as could be - clever, witty, bonkers and perfectly safe to be caught listening to by your mother. Thanks all - the flight has been enjoyable and I'm sorry we'll need to disembark soon.
trish from Virginia Beach VA wrote at March 18, 2014:
Love this show! Love the writing, love the characters, love the stories! I love that it took me a little while to be able to distinguish what was being said and who was saying it (not being British). I will miss it's charm. But at least it has my husband playing Yellow Car. You can not play Yellow Car. Thanks for a great, silly, sweet show.
Beate (bat) wrote at March 8, 2014:
Actually I came to Cabin Pressure because I'm fond of Ben's voice. But I have to say that I stayed because of Roger's even greater voice - at least in this comedy - also because of the scripts - John, you're "Brilliant!" as Arthur would exclaim - Arthur being a clod (you really feel the urge to take care of him), Carolyn being "Sir" and finally also of Martin (poor chap) showing convincingly how versatile Ben is even if he does not play a clever guy. As a none-native English speaker I'm happy to have found the transcripts here. Thank you for that and this website and kind regards from Germany!
Valeria from Italy wrote at March 6, 2014:
I've just discovered Cabin Pressure within the past few weeks and I've already listened to all the episodes, I cannot stop listening to them all over again! Brilliant show and amazing actors!
Sylvia from Frodsham wrote at March 5, 2014:
Cabin Pressure is, without a doubt, my favourite thing in the world right now. I only joined the fandot a few months ago but I am completely and utterly in love with it. Being a Benedict fan brought me to Cabin Pressure, and I am so glad it did because I can truly say that I doubt I will ever find a program that I love and respect more. Martin and Douglas' word games keep me going on hard days, and I will always be thankful to Arthur for introducing me to the brilliant chaos that is Yellow Car. In regards to Zurich, I sincerely hope that the series ends well, for ALL the characters, and that it is a fitting end to a perfect series - as I know it will be. All I can say now is a HUGE thank you to John Finnemore for being such a BRILLIANT writer, steward, wing commander, and adorable clot. THANK YOU CABIN PRESSURE :D xxxx
Krystal from UK wrote at March 5, 2014:
I have control! I have control! Control! I have it!

My favourite line in the entire series because it's one I can imagine myself saying. I absolutely adore this series and the characters. I bought everything on itunes a few days ago and I can't stop listening to it on loop! It's marvellously hilarious. I think Douglas has the best lines and Martin is just so adorable I wish he was real. Arthur and Carolyn are BRILLIANT as well. I love her relationship with Herc.

I remember hearing about it when it first started airing but never thought I would fancy a radio recording about airplanes. Boy, was I ever wrong! I'm glad I picked it up in the end! So much love for it I can't even. Excitedly waiting for the last episode to air!
Katrine Nielsen from Denmark wrote at February 27, 2014:
I am so glad that I found a place to express my fondness of this great show!
I am sad to see it end but pleased that they made it last this long.
Cheers from Aarhus, Denmark.
Jeannie Patton from Colorado Jeannie wrote at February 24, 2014:
February 23, 1014. Thank you thank you and thank you for putting up this site, managing it in your "spare time" and staying true to the ottery crew at MJN air. I read these pages as a time out (Talisker at my elbow) frequently, and hope you'll keep the site up for awhile. We know you have a life outside of Cabin Pressure. Can't think of anything clever, so I'll sign off with Yellow Car.
Craig from Birmingham wrote at February 15, 2014:
Hi all,

Just wanted to say how much I love Cabin Pressure! I'm excited about the new episode coming up, at the same time sad it's ending.
Has anybody noticed how GERTI is a Lockheed McDonnell 312 and linked with this are Martin and Douglas' names. Put them together and you have 'Lockheed-Martin' and 'McDonnell-Douglas'. Two names of aircraft manufacturers. Sorry for such a spotter comment.
Anj from Leicester wrote at January 31, 2014:
Yellow car!!!!

Cabin Pressure never fails to put a smile back on my face. Jelly Babies to manual, pass the lemon, and off to Timbuktu!
SaS wrote at January 31, 2014:
I'm just Benedict's fan. So, I was looking up the net for more stuff about him. I found some storybooks and stuff, but suddenly I came across with THIS beauti. Cabin Pressure. I just could'nt stop laughing. Best radio comedy ever.. well... leveled with Goon Show.
Anyway, actors are all brilliant, specially Benny(!). Martin.. Poor sod! He always get cornered. But at last see whom he gotta get out with. A princess!
& in fairness, Arthur is a luagh. He is, in one word "brilliant"!
Jay Weedon from New York wrote at January 31, 2014:
Just finished listening to the 24th ep, which was in my case Douz. Great moments:

Fizz-buzz-'ave a banana (of course)

I have here about five hundred Euros worth of flowers...and I started three months ago with a cheese sandwich.

So that's why planes can't
fly upside down.

Code Red is there to stop me when I’m being too helpful, and I can’t stop being too helpful by being more helpful.
hannah wrote at January 28, 2014:
just discovered cabin pressure another excuse to fall in love with benedict sigh
Deby wrote at January 25, 2014:
I heard of Cabin Pressure by chance, and now I listen to the episodes on loop. We don't live in England, me and my family, but even my children, who do not speake English at all, ask me to translate the episodes for them! They play Yellow Car! Such a great sit-com! I really hope more is coming.
Pamela Downes from Limerick Ireland wrote at January 21, 2014:
Only discovered this little gem a few weeks ago and all I can say is BRILLIANT. I haven't laughed so much in ages!
Jan the Fan from Singapore wrote at January 2, 2014:
Oh dear. Have just discovered that I now cannot access my Cabin Pressure library on AudioGo which is now in administration! A helpful message is displayed telling me to "download" but when I click on the button nothing happens. Any suggestions?
Mari from California wrote at December 28, 2013:
With all the crazy stuff that's been happening to my other fandoms, it's nice to have Cabin Pressure and MJN's oddly soothing hijinks to fall back on. I feel reassured when I know the fandot and the show will always be there for me when I need it. :D
Ben A. from Philadelphia, PA, United States wrote at December 19, 2013:
I found out about Cabin Pressure through some online BBC 4 Extra reruns and loved it from the first episode I listened to (which was Johannesburg)! I introduced my family to it almost immediately and everyone fell in love with it as well! It has been an incredibly hilarious, witty ride listening to the show for the last few years. It has made me laugh and made me think, and then made me laugh after I thought! I'm so sad that it's coming to a close soon, but I will not be surprised at all if it goes down in radio history as one of the funniest shows on the modern airwaves. It's certainly one of the funniest things I have ever listened to. It deserved all the praise that it received and I'm sure people will be listening to it again and again long after the final flight. To John and the cast & crew, thank you for bringing Cabin Pressure into the world, you've made it a much better, happier place.
Best regards from the US of A!
Alex wrote at December 14, 2013:
Revisiting the gangs trip to Molokai is the perfect prechristmas treat. With Arthur in his locker, the umbrella with strategically dropped decorations ("an umbrella with milk cartons stapled to it"), Douglas and the Secret-Santa scam. Carolyn or "babushkas" trying to get Mr. Aliakin to hire MJN for the New Year and of course not forgetting Nigel,Noel, Holly, Ivy, Carol, Mary Christmas and Bert.
Wren wrote at December 6, 2013:
This is, by far, my facourite thing in the world right now. I bought the series, finished them all, them promptly mashed the repeat button. I came for the Cumberbatch, stayed for the pure greatness of the whole thing. And gee, I would love to be a stewardess on Golf Echo Romeo Tango India!