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Cabin Pressure Series 4 Episode 1 – Timbuktu

Broadcast date: 09 January 2013 18:30 BST, BBC Radio 4
For information on how you can listen from the UK and abroad, go to the how to listen to Cabin Pressure Series 4 page

Plot Teaser
The crew are about to go home when boss Carolyn Knapp-Shappey (Stephanie Cole) offers them a chance to earn £2,000 each, so long as they don’t mind forgoing their dignity for cash. All they have to do is convince a wealthy passenger with a fondness for whisky that they have landed in Timbuktu rather than Sardinia.

Cast / Crew
Carolyn Knapp-Shappey – Stephanie Cole
1st Officer Douglas Richardson – Roger Allam
Capt Martin Crieff – Benedict Cumberbatch
Arthur Shappey – John Finnemore
Mr Birling – Geoffrey Whitehead
Giancarlo – Steve Brody

Producer – David Tyler
Writer – John Finnemore

What did you think?
What did you think of this episode? What was your favourite moment? Your favourite line? If you have any thoughts about the episode, please share them in the comments below!


  • I listen to the other episodes quite a lot and i am certainly looking forward to a new series of my favourite show! The worst part is going to be the gap between it being on iplayer and the release of the dvd! Cannot wait for tonight! :D

  • “You do not overrule a code red! Why?”
    “Because the code red is there to stop me being too helpful, and I can’t stop being too helpful by being more helpful.”

  • That quote was brilliant^

  • that to quote Arthur Schappy was brilliant.

  • It was brilliant episode!! I was laughing so much! :D I’m so glad that we can hear new season :)

  • Camel camel!! Hehe, too funny!!

  • Fabulous as always! The funniest, most perfect comedy on Radio 4 with an amazing cast! More episodes please!

  • Brilliant!

  • I enjoyed that so much. There was such a huge build up to this series that I was slightly concerned I’d built it up too much in my head. I hadn’t! That was amazingly good. A very quotable episode and a great twist on the traditional Birling Day. Looking forward to listening to it again on iPlayer. Roll on next Wednesday. No idea what they’re going to do with Uskerty!

  • listen to it @ 1.30am (Indonesia time) and i think i woke some people up cause of my unending laughter. love it, John Finnemore is just incredible. i laugh on all the lines but maybe i laugh even harder on the “Mandela” part and “Yellow Car”, Arthur is just.. ugh. Cabin Pressure is amazing! glad to have it back :D -n

  • Brilliant, brilliant episode! I’m so glad it’s back! I was laughing through the entire episode! And I have to admit I didn’t see that that agreement between Martin and Douglas coming at all xD. Fantastic!

  • A fantastic episode loving the twist around to Birling day. Excellent work Mr Finnemore!

  • Choose a favourite moment? You expect the impossible! Loved it!
    Oh wait – one of a thousands is: “Arthur, stop talking!” “I don’t think I can remember how!!!”

  • “I’ve nearly finished it.” “The book?” “The page.”

  • Just… BRILIANT!! :D .. Martin as evil genius! :D … And he finally win something!

  • My goodness that was brilliant. Martin and Arthur were as adorable as ever. And the “Urgh! Urgh! Urgh! Urgh!” had me dying of laughter, as did Martin’s freaking out about what they were doing. And I very much welcomed the return of Yellow Car because I now force my family and friends to play it every time we drive somewhere.

  • A brilliant episode as always. ‘Oh, look over there, Mr Birling! From up here, you can see the sea!’

  • Another ‘brilliant’ episode!!! I can’t believe this might be the last series! The best bit was when Arthur said Yellow Car, it just brings back memories of many other hilarious episodes : )

    • Well, somewhere I heard: when the alphabeth is through, you start with numbers. :)


    So glad I had access to it from the US. Well worth the wait. So hysterically funny and over the top as usual. Looking forward to the rest of the season!

  • I’m ashamed to say I forgot just how good Cabin Pressure was, but Timbuktu just reminded me of all the reasons why I love it, and more. John Finnemore’s writing was superb as ever, and Martin was his usual adorable self! And Arthur. Oh, Arthur. Bless your little soul let me wrap you up in blankets bby. I loved the banter between Carolyn and Douglas, it just made my night. And now I have a stitch in my side from laughing. So yeah, it was alright ;).

  • Absolutely amazing xD So many fantastic quotes. Unexpected twists with characters but still, they are old self. John is a bloody genius! LOVED IT! Can’t wait for the next one!!!

  • Fantastic!! I can’t stop laughing when I remember the lines! This is good comedy! The cast was amazing, as always! The writing, a masterpiece! John Finnemore is really brilliant. Oh, how I wish I could’ve attended to the recording!! Living in another hemisphere is a problem… ¬¬

    Loved it to the last bit and cannot wait for next week’s episode! If what we’ve been reading on the web, from people who have been to the recordings, is true, we’re in for quite a ride this season!! ^^ ♥

  • In 1 word: brilliant, in 2: brilliant brilliant!!

  • Utterly brilliant. Like some of the other people have commented, I was seriously worried that there had been too much build up to the new series, but it honestly made me and my 11 year old daughter laugh out loud. Can’t pick a favourite moment although “yellow car” made us howl with delight.

  • What a great start for the new series! I loooved it :)
    And my radio app was working without any difficulties, so that was a positive thing too.
    Choosing a favourite moment or line is quite hard since it’s been full of sheer brilliance. But I nearly died of laughter when Arthur came up with “Yellow Car” again. And camel camel and Timbuktu Timbuktu of course. Not to mention Arthur in Timbuktu expert mode.

  • I was almost dancing around the room at the hearing of “yellow car”. And I’ve already got firm plans now to play camel camel the next time I visit a zoo.

    On the whole: a great episode! Everything was exactly the way I didn’t expect it to be. Very cleverly done by Mr. Finnemore. :D

  • Does he suspect??? :D Good old Martin, couldn’t hurt a fly… but he can come up with an evil freud! It was too good to be true… :) It was so nice listening to a new episode after such a long time!
    How does he do this? How does John Finnemore come up with all these amazing plot lines/twists and jokes?? That’s what I call talent!

  • Oh oh, I almost forgot: Roger Allam’s glorious laughing… “Madame is a humourist”

  • Mr Finnemore played with us. A naughty Martin?? Wow. It’s always been very funny, but there was an added twist which made it even funnier. Keep up the brilliant work.

  • I thought that was brillant! Arthur was so well done especially. His ‘and mum told me to ask how long till we land’ set the standard for his character through the episode, and flight deck buckaroo a whole new level if flight deck game. Also nice to see Martin doing well at something for once :) bring on next week

  • Did anyone else notice that in this episode Arthur really was The Man Who Knew Too Much? :) (Yes, I’ve probably listenend to the episodes far too many times by now xD)

  • In the words of Sir Arthur Shappey himself, this episode was BRILLIANT. What a return! I couldn’t stop laughing and feel more out of breath than if I had just completed a marathon. Favorite lines would have to be “Douglas can you solve it?”, Carolyn and Douglas commenting on Martin’s awakening evil genius, Arthur shouting yellow car and feeling proud of his erudition, and there’s just so many more to name that I might as well transcribe the entire episode. I absolutely loved it and next week seems so dreadfully far away.

    Anyone fancy a trip to Timbuktu Timbuktu for a bit of Talisker Talisker?

  • ‘The Crime!’ Hahaha Martin being guiltily sneaky! My favourite Birling Day for sure, cannot wait for the next episode.

  • I really liked it and how everything was the other way round this Birling Day. Especially loved when Carolyn wanted Martin to “solve the problem” :-D
    But there are episodes that had more and better laughs and I am very much looking forward to next Wednesday and hope that one will be (even) better!

  • Oh me of little faith – I did wonder nervously if it would be as ‘brilliant’ as I was desperately hoping for it to be…….and it was. Excellent twists and turns all through. How does he do it? My favourite bit: Carolyn wondering if Douglas could ‘solve’ civil was in Mali? Well, not before kick off…….
    WIll know it by heart off iplayer by next week’s next episode. Am I a sad person? No! Very, very happy….or should that be ‘cheery’?


    Was my favourite line XD

  • Oh wow welcome back! What joy, what a delight! Face ache from grinning & laughing. BRILLIANT!

  • Wonderful episode and a great start for the new series. Arthur was lovely, Douglas clever (no news there) and Martin actually winning for a change. Poor Carolyn though :-)

  • ouadougou outadougou. funniest place name ever. What will we do when this comes to an end as it eventually must?

  • Loved it to pieces. I thought the Talisker plot line was a stroke of genius. Anyone else up for getting #YellowCar trending on Twitter during next week’s episode?

  • Oh, that was brilliant! John Finnemore is so good at character arcs and subtleties. I loved hearing that Carolyn and Herc were going strong (hooray!). Martin getting some payback was excellent too! Turning Birling Day on its head was a neat touch, tho Douglas remains unassailable. I have learnt it’s a good thing to take his side too!

  • palace of pleasure :)

  • Cracking episode as ever, very well written and cleverly executed. Great twists and turns and the trick with both Martin and Douglas teaming up against Carolyn for the Talisker – Brilliant!!

  • I sat in my kitchen and laughed like a drain all the through. I can’t think of a single TV show or even movie that I’ve looked forward to as much as this new series.

    “Uh… uh… uh… uh…!” Best line ever!

    You can tell each of the actors are enjoying themselves so much doing this! Benedict’s career is taking off so well, and deservedly so, but I’d be willing to bet he won’t ever find such affectionate fans as his CB ones.

    Excellent show, and 5 whole episodes yet to come! Group hug, fellow CB fans!

  • Well, you’re going to hate me but I was disappointed :-( Birling Day was funny the first time round, not so much the second year and sadly even less so this time. The Talisker plot is tired, Yellow Car didn’t amount to much… I dunno, I was very much looking forward to the new series but this episode left me lukewarm. It’s still the best comedy on the radio and hopefully will get better as it goes on.

    • I don’t hate you, just pity you for not enjoying this as much as everyone else. Despite also being sceptical about another Birling day episode, it in no way felt tired and proves the writing is and will be as strong as ever. The yellow car did lead to camel camel which tied in nicely with the repetition theme. Dont worry I’m sure there is much more to look forward to in what is proving to be another brilliant series of the most exceptionally outstanding sitcom of this century.

    • Definitely not hate you. I did enjoy the episode and laughed very hard at “camel camel.” But another aspect of the show I love is how civil and kind the fans are. Even when someone doesn’t like an episode, as you did, it is expressed politely and with expectations that things will get better. So, I hope you did enjoy the next episodes more and thank you for reaffirming my faith in people. Well, at least the people who like Cabin Pressure.

  • So so funny funny. Thank heavens it’s back.

  • Series 4 came just in time. I was getting withdrawal symptoms.

  • Douglas is my favourite. His invention of “Flight Deck Buckaroo” had me in tears. Roger’s delivery of Douglas’ lines is near unbeatable. Looking forward to tonight’s episode ! Keep up the good work John F.

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