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Cabin Pressure Series 4 Episode 2 – Uskerty

Broadcast date: 16 January 2013 18:30 BST, BBC Radio 4
For information on how you can listen from the UK and abroad, go to the how to listen to Cabin Pressure Series 4 page

Plot Teaser
Carolyn and Martyn get into an argument, and Douglas and Arthur get to play with an airport.

Listen Again
iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01ptztf/Cabin_Pressure_Series_4_Uskerty/
BBC Page: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00lmcxj

Cast / Crew
Carolyn Knapp-Shappey – Stephanie Cole
1st Officer Douglas Richardson – Roger Allam
Capt Martin Crieff – Benedict Cumberbatch
Arthur Shappey – John Finnemore
Breeda – Marian McLoughlin
Gerry – Robert Wilfort
Farmer Fisher – John O’Mahony

Producer – David Tyler
Writer – John Finnemore

What did you think?
What did you think of this episode? What was your favourite moment? Your favourite line? If you have any thoughts about the episode, please share them in the comments below!


  • Instant classic! Especially Arthur on the tannoy, still laughing about that. Good work Mr Finnemore.

  • That was beautiful.

  • What a great episode. And something for the animal lovers, too. :-D

  • This is a gem, some great surprises and wonderful lines. Timbuktu was good, but I think this one was even better.

  • Oh dear, too many great lines to pick one! I definitely laughed more than last week. Can they go an extra mile after this? Of course they can! :)

  • Sooo good! I just want to hug Martin, the poor thing!! His Irish accent is only beaten by the French accent in Qikiqtarjuaq. John Finnemore is a genius!

  • That was absolutely brilliant! On one hand, poor Martin, stung by a bee, all soaking wet and covered in… well, you know, on the other – I just couldn’t help laughing and imagining him carrying that bloody sheep. Oh, and Arthur on that tannoy – just hilarious! Instant classic and one of John Finnemore’s best!

  • That was a great episode.I love the odd pairing’s episodes

    I enjoyed how Carolynn and Martin could be sincere and nice to one another whilst Martin was climbing a tree!!!

  • New fav epi, I want Bees and geese in Uskerty tees! Someone make one quickly!!!

  • that was fun, yet a bit different than usual – but I guess its not a good omen when Caroline hints at Martin, that he should look for a new job

  • My friend and I went to see this episode being recorded and it was so much fun! Such a fantastic episode and we even had the pleasure of speaking to John Finnemore himself (we gave him a Christmas card!)
    Poor Benedict kept mucking up his lines in this episode, and he had to do the end credits 7 times! Which was painful to hear ! (Though of course, with his voice we didn’t mind!)
    It’s a shame they cut about five minites off of the end, where there was a scene of them actually Xraying the geese, and they missed their take off! They had to stay at the airport and the final line was Douglas said to Jerry was “Another pineapple juice here. And leave the carton.”
    So, so so good!

    • It’s fantastic to hear from somebody who was actually there! I’d love to know what Benedict looked like while he was pretending to climb a tree?! It’s sad they cut the goose-ray, I was really looking forward to hearing that!

    • Demi, thank you so much for providing the bits that got cut from the actual broadcast. The end seemed very abrupt. I had the sense that there was going to be more, and was disappointed that there wasn’t. Now we know…

    • I was there too and was sure that there was more at the end than we heard on TX – thank you for confirming my suspicions!

      I reckon the goose that got ‘friendly’ with Martin was in fact a friend and/or relation of the Russian goose that got smoothied at St Petersburg and was actually getting some sort of twisted revenge!

  • Quite like that despite traditionally it being the final episode that has the dramatic pathos we’ve been starting to see more poignancy creeping into the general episodes; see Martin climbing the tree and Douglas teaching Arthur how to act in a pub.

  • The visuals here were just marvelous….Martin…soaking wet….carrying a stuffed sheep and covered in goose poo……classic!!!!! and Douglas and Arthur in the bar…..loved it!!!!!!

  • Absolutely brilliant. I love this episode

  • Gem of an episode. Brilliant jokes and Martin! Poor martin, up a tree with still no pay! “We can handle our juice”

  • Completely brilliant!!! Thought it was really great to have prolonged interactions between characters who rarely get a lot of time talking to one another alone…definitely going up there with my favourite episodes just completely wonderful. LOVED IT. :) xxx

  • The episode was excellent! It was wonderful to imagine Martin and Carolyn’s trek back to the airport. Poor Martin! It was a bit poignant too, with the signet ring and Martin’s touching loyalty to Carolyn and MJN. That part made the heart hurt a bit. The fact that he’s hanging on so as to not let MJN go under. Ugh! I know this might be leading to scarier and sadder places.

    It was excellent to hear Douglas and Arthur banter. The bar talk bit was inspired! Looking fwd to doing some re-listening soon :)

  • Oh the hilarious mind of John Finnemore, I love it. Arthur and the airport manager being airport fanboys had me falling off my seat, but Benedict Cumberbatch’s talent as a voice actor really stands out for me! And a stuffed sheep! I would have loved to hear the goose-raying, but still one of my favourite episodes.

  • I’ve never met a moody Irish woman… No but that episode was fantastic! I particularly liked Carolyn in this episode. Only she would fly to Ireland you get her “man-I-know” a taxidermic sheep for his birthday. :D
    Also my favourite line “A LOT-A LOT-A LOT-A BEES!” It seems Martin was channelling Arthur!

  • Think I might have a new favourite episode, Martin +stuffed sheep+ geese! Love it !!!

  • I liked this one much better than Timbuktu. It was sooooooo creative and incredibly funny!!! Also I really liked how they teamed up as Martin/Carolyn and Douglas/Arthur, that was really refreshing! Omg, I laughed so hard when Martin called from the tree^^ I honestly think ist was one of the best episodes ever!!!

  • Brilliant writing as usual, but surprisingly poignant–I hope Martin & Carolyn’s conversation doesn’t foreshadow things to come! And thanks for sharing the cut lines about the x-Ray….that makes more sense for the ending….

  • Loved this one! My favourites so often seem to be the ones where they are off on adventures away from Gerti, despite how much I love their cockpit banter. I was a bit worried last week that Ben didn’t seem to have found Martin’s voice again yet, he sounded more like himself or Sherlock but he was back in great form this week with a panicky, shrieky Martin. I do want to hear about Herc’s reaction to his birthday gift though!

  • Another classic from the eternally fertile mind of Mr Finnemore. Can’t name a favourite line – they were all hilarious. Theatre of the bizarre is alive and thriving on Radio 4. Don’t go, Martin! We love you too much!

  • I usually listen to the radio while doing some other, more boring task. Not when Cabin Pressure’s on, though.
    All I can say is that after hearing Uskerty, I have need of a pineapple juice and a hat with a dent to wear while drinking it.
    An instant classic!

  • Oh gosh, I loved last week’s episode but this one just raises the bar, so so funny and I loved Carolyn’s concern over Martin’s hurt hand! How does JF make us care so much about fictional characters? I’m off to listen to it again…

  • These characters were not in this episode:
    Mr Birling – Geoffrey Whitehead
    Giancarlo – Steve Brody

    • Oopsie.

  • I wasnt sure about this one. Also i think its hinting that this might be the last series as Martin is gonna look for a new job…I DONT WANT THE END! :(

  • Um, can I shyly draw people’s attention to some fan art I’ve done for Cabin Pressure? http://illustratorrobinson.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/this-ones-for-cabin-pressure-fans.html

    • Thanks Hannah, I love it!!!

      • This should be adapted into a car bumper-sticker.
        Another idea for a bumper sticker: A line of dancing airplanes with “FLY MJN AIR”

  • Great episode, John.
    Lots of fab bits already mentioned here including a real desire to see how BC did such convincing tree climbing on the radio.
    What occurred to me was Douglas being so impressed with Martin climbing a tree to get a phone signal is reminiscent of Roger Allam as Peter Mannion in The Thick if It climbing a slide in a children’s playground to get a phone signal. Since John has admitted sneaking in Sherlock references for BC I wonder if he’s doing the same for RA?
    Keep up the good work, Mr Finnemore. Every one’s a pleasure.

  • I wear my father’s pilot pin only occasionally. It’s a golden eagle. I don’t wear it more often because I’m afraid I could lose it. This kind of things happen all the time you know. For instance, it could end up in a goose’s crop, like the blue carbuncle.


  • Thanks Demi for sharing the funniest lines of the episode (which were not in the episode). Surely a tiny bit of editing could have fixed that? Thirty seconds less up a tree or standing by the roadside and we would have had the goose-raying and “leave the carton”. Just sayin’

  • Carolyn bought the stuffed sheep to tease Herc because he was afraid of them – but does she ever give it to him? I’ve listened to the other episodes and i don’t think i’ve heard a reference to it…

  • Caught this episode by accident driving home earlier this year (I was a cabin pressure virgin at the time) – spent quarter of an hour sitting in the garage as I couldn’t bear to miss a second! Rushed in, checked out iPlayer, listened to Timbuktu & was totally hooked. Ordered the CDs of series 1-3 & the Christmas special, which I then listened to back to back over a couple of days. Still couldn’t get enough! I’ve listened to these programmes again & again, they’re funnier every time – but Uskerty is still my favourite. Thank you Mr Finnemore, you’re a genius!

  • CP is a great pain-killer, better than Codine + paracetamol. I was in the hospital with a second broken elbow and knew the way to survive from the first broken elbow: an ipod nano with recordings of all CP episodes. John Finnermore is such a great writer that his work on CP can make you forget the pain of broken bones. I think the NHS should prescribe CP for extreme physical or mental pain– Lifesaving comedy.

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