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Cabin Pressure Series 4 Episode 6 – Yverdon-Les-Bains

Broadcast date: 13 February 2013 18:30 GMT, BBC Radio 4
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Plot Teaser
Martin has the interview of his life, while Douglas and Herc fight it out over the fruit tray.

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BBC Show Site – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01qjc6k
iPlayer – http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01qjc6k/Cabin_Pressure_Series_4_YverdonLesBains/

Cast / Crew
Carolyn Knapp-Shappey – Stephanie Cole
1st Officer Douglas Richardson – Roger Allam
Capt Martin Crieff – Benedict Cumberbatch
Arthur Shappey – John Finnemore
Oskar – Nicholas Woodeson
Capt Deroche – Kate Duchene
Capt Herc Shipwright – Anthony Head

Producer – David Tyler
Writer – John Finnemore

What did you think?
What did you think of this episode? What was your favourite moment? Your favourite line? If you have any thoughts about the episode, please share them in the comments below!


  • OMFG What a great chapter!!!!!!! So many feels, how can it end like this!?!?!?

  • THERE’S GOING TO BE MORE!!!! Hurrah!

  • Wow. Just wow, amazing episode. But now I’m going to agonize about whether or not he takes the SA job or stays with MJN.

  • Finnemore cannot leave it like this… I hope.

  • WHAT! How could they end it there! I HAVE SO MANY FEELS RIGHT NOW! Another brilliant episode.

  • Martin – noooooooooo!
    You have to take the job!
    You’ve had the best training any pilot could wish for and you’re throwing it away. Seriously if John Finnemore doesn’t write Z (which has to be Zurich) I’m likely to explode.

  • Well I’m in shock, erm brilliant.

  • Laughed like crazy at the interview – and, well everything else and then, got tears in my eyes when Martin was offered the job. Not just because it could be the end of Cabin Pressure, which I presume they will figure out over time – but, just because Martin GOT the job offer. I can’t wait to hear it again as I was laughing so much during that crazy interview –

    Oh, Martin. Everything you thought you wanted and suddenly, maybe not so sure. Most of us have been there – the awful yin and yang of stuff sometimes.

  • Oh god! John finnemore what have you done?! I feel like crying, laughing, saddened, puzzled and murderous all at the same time!

  • I’m in shock too! I didn’t exspect this ending! Will there be more? Or is it just cruel?

    I really loved Martin today, I think it is the first episode ever I could relate to him being treated completely unfair! I mean, I always liked him, but I never felt he was a character I could feel close to. But at the interview today… What complete idiot to think that he was cheating!!!! And I loved how he would insist that he would never forget his license, because it would be the same thing with me!!!

    Douglas and Herc were quite funny, but the second best thing this episode was Arthur! Brilliantly done by John Finnemore and really really funn (though cheap, but never mind^^).

    Well, hope there will be ANYTHING about it by Finnermore soon, because the uncertainty about the future is killing me.

    • I get the sense that Douglas is a bit intimidated by Herc. As competent as Douglas is presented, I enjoyed this new level of complexity to his character. Bravo. – pjw

  • Now we can have votes which series ending was worst… Sherlock, Merlin, just to mention a few. ;)

  • That was a brilliant episode that had me laughing the entire way through. But the ending was frustrating! will Martin go or will Martin stay?. The suspense of it all, Finnemore you comedy genius you

  • Cliffhanger!!!! Argh and Brilliant at the same time. Oh, such feels for Martin, he’s a great guy and am so glad he got the job. But I can just see him agonizing over what to do. And it’s true, if Carolyn knows she won’t let him stay. Oh dear I’m so torn! I want Martin to be happy, but then I want Arthur to be happy too! And Arthur is really the only one who will be miserable if GERTI and the others aren’t a happy family again.

    Sigh. I’m guessing there’s a Z episode to come. At least I hope there is. I don’t think I can rest without knowing what happens to GERTI and her family. Especially Carolyn and Herc and Martin and SA. Aaaah! Such an emotional response to fictitious things! Mr. Finnemore you are quite the genius!

    I did laugh a lot during this one. Arthur’s lisp was hilarious and just a really effective gag. Douglas and Herc were spot on and Martin… ahh.. Martin. That interview was just precious! So glad I listened in live to all these and so glad I’m part of such a wonderful fandom that gives me the place to come and chat and listen. I hope we will have some more Cabin Pressure this year. Maybe a Christmas special!

  • What a cliffhanger, Finnemore. You’re such a softy. I wanted to cry at the end.

    Martin is worth more than people give him credit for, or maybe what he feels he’s worth. So happy he stood up for himself.

    • Totally agree – we are teetering on the brink.

      I was so proud of Martin for standing up to the interviewer…. but if he goes, what then??

      More please Mr Finnemore!

  • So much mixed emotions. Well played! What a cliffhanger.

  • Got to say..what a bloody BRILLIANT episode!! I know we’re all flailing over the ending right now but WOW was it good!! Plus…despite the obvious cruelty *Shakes fist* FINNEMOREEE (that’s a new one) It was definitely practical! But GAH! Oh Martin and his interview… I didn’t think i could be this proud of a fictional character :’)

    And basically..

    Dragonfruit ….oh my



  • Awesome! So much fun hearing Martin getting all assertive. Have mixed feelings regarding will he stay or will he go. Excellent ending for this series; hope for at least 1 more episode to wrap things up.

  • I didn’t like the episode, it was miles away from what Cabin Pressure was all about in the past 3 seasons. Hardly any punchlines, and I had very high expectations for the Douglas/Herk stuff. I know that there has to be some development, especially with Martin, but it ended up being as weird, as the out of place princess stuff in Vaduz.
    Last week was vintage Cabin Pressure stuff – but this one … not so much.

    • I wouldn’t go so far as to say I DIDN’T LIKE this episode, but I certainly didn’t find it to be one of the best. I’m delighted that he left it open ended, allowing for either a final episode, or a whole ‘nother season. I thought the bit with Arthur trying to talk through swollen lips went on too long and just wasn’t (to me) that funny to begin with. I was also disappointed that there weren’t more zingers between Douglas and Herc. As to Martin’s interview, that seemed to me more far-fetched than funny. Humor is a very subjective thing. Most episodes ‘click’ for me, but a few don’t, including this one and Vaduz. I agree Xinzhou was classic CP and my favorite of this season.

      That notwithstanding, no one bats a thousand, and I’ll be eagerly looking forward to more Cabin Pressure.

      • couldnĀ“t agree more. exactly my thoughts too…

      • Finnimore was setting everything up for a final episode – well that’s my guess anyway.

  • I can live with the cliff hanger as it leaves it open for the series to go on hopefully but a couple of points, don’t bring it back without Benedict as Martin another actor as Martin just wont work so if that’s the only option then just leave it. Also it wont work with Herc replacing Martin, Douglas/Herc just aren’t as funny as Martin/Douglas. I would rather see the series end then change anything about the cast or the make up of the ensemble.

    As for the episode, Martin was brilliant, Douglas has taught him well to stand up for himself, finally loved the whole coming of age of Martin and the realization that he was actually happy where he was that the grass isn’t always greener and that often friends are more important than money. Also the bit where Douglas did his life as Martin moment was wonderful.

    I hope and pray there will be more CP but for now fans need to place intolerable pressure on Benedict that no matter how a big a star he becomes deep down he is Martin and must do Cabin Pressure.

    • I agree with most of this. I would rather do without another episode of Cabin Pressure than have any cast change at all. A special, hour-long series finale would be pretty awesome. A final Christmas special would make a very tidy present: A – Z.

      I disagree with the statement that “fans need to place intolerable pressure on Benedict.” However actors fit into the production of any particular show (I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure it’s a huge group effort), encouraging people “to place intolerable pressure” on anyone is rude at best but is more like harassment. I suggest letters or emails to all parties involved that Cabin Pressure go forward with the original cast and crew that we fans adore.

      • Had a humour by pass have you? Tongue firmly in cheek when I wrote that, you people are nutters no sense of the humour unless its spelt out to you.

        • “Tongue firmly in cheek” — that clears things up. It’s also lovely of you to demonstrate so well the adage that comedy is hard.

    • I don’t agree with the suggestion of “intolerable pressure” – this is a man who has gifted us with a precious amount of entertainment that was nearly perfect in every way. I would never want to do anything but let him know how much I appreciate what he has given us and how I look forward to whatever he chooses to do in the future.

      This is the kind of thing that makes me cringe. Fans who think that such pressure is in anyway a positive thing and believe they have far more power than they actually do.

      • I can’t believe I have tell you that it was said with my tongue firmly in my cheek and as a joke. But now I know what kind of people hang out here I wont be back.

        Talk about rude- people assuming anyone is being anything but flippant in that statement just shows what arrogant know alls you truly are…

        And what kind of fan am I, one who been watching Ben’s work with great respect since he started out,

        Please be just a free with your apology as you were with you very rude assumptions about what kind of fan I am.

        • I would assume you might figure out that so-called humor is not always discernible in writing vs vocal.

        • You should know – I would think – that so-called humor is difficult to discern in written form vs vocal.

  • Loved Arthur drawing in a box to add “brilliant” – they really are such a lovable bunch. BC nailed the interview – trying to stay cool but was feeling a bit frantic at the same time. You could just feel his confusion and then disappointment – and, then, his confidence in almost demanding the CEO stay for the remainder of the interview: good for him!

    And, hearing Douglas saying “supreme commander” was priceless.

  • WHAT AN ENDING! I had to dash off to a work meeting as soon as it was over and my hands were shaking. I feel so conflicted, do I want Martin to stay or go? It’s his dream! I desperately hope there’s a series 5 waiting to be commissioned.

    Overall, this episode was adorable! Douglas being Martin for a day, lip swollen Arthur, and didn’t anyone else tear up when they heard about the references from MJN? I know I did. If anyone ever gave me a questionnaire about the this series, I would surely draw in my own check box and write in next to it: BRILLIANT.

  • Hilarious episode! In my opinion the ending is the final proof that there will be a series 5 or at least an episode “Z”.
    They can’t stop, they’re having too much fun doing it!
    It is a bit mean laughing so much about a person trying to speak with swollen lips, isn’t it? :)

  • I’d like them to at least do one more episode if there is not to be another season. Just to see them happily on their way. Martin can’t go on forever working for no salary – Carolyn knows the time is near for her airdot to come to an end. I just would love it if they did a Holiday special and we got some closure – that is, if they don’t find a way to do more of the series but it’s hard to imagine how. The characters are running in place right now – something has to give, especially for an unpaid captain of nearly 40 years old.

    On the other hand, if it ends now, I will be sad but it will be okay because it is funnier and better than nearly everything on tv (we don’t get radio shows like this here in the states). I hate sitcom television shows and wasn’t sure I would like this but from the first five minutes of the first episode, I was hooked.

    So – if it is the end – thank you Mr. F. You are genius and I expect we will get to enjoy that great talent a lot over the years to come.

    • As you don’t have radio programmes like this where you are, have you tried “Bleak Expectations”? The 4th series is currently being repeated on BBC Radio 4Extra and the first 3 series are available to buy. It’s a spoof of Dickensian Victorian grand novels, orphans in the snow, cruel guardians etc. Anthony Head (“exquisitely hammy” said one reviewer) and Geoffrey Whithead are among the cast, all having rip-roaring fun sending up moustache-twirling villains and innocent maidens. Anthony Head’s range of voices is terrific and his evil villainous snigger is one of the funniest things I’ve heard!
      (Apologies if you already know it, just a thought in case you hadn’t!)

      • Bleak Expectations is indeed excellent, and very different but somehow extremely companionable to Cabin Pressure in terms outright comedic brilliance in both the writing and top-notch cast. And there is always the perennial pipe-smoker par excellence Ed Reardon, who must be due another outing in byways of Berkhampstead soon, one hopes.

  • I didn’t like the ending at all. The only two minutes of Cabin Pressure I don’t like, and they happen to close the very series or at least to set the mood for a very long time. That’s unfortunate

  • Brilliant episode! A special episode for a special character: Martin Crieff! This time, he showed all his love for flying! Aviantion is his dream and he is going to do everything to become a great pilot and stay in a airplane! Really emotive story we have today, and that job interview made me adore even more Captain Martin Crieff! Congratulations to Jonh Finnemore for create this wonderfull character and to Benedict Cumberbatch to giving life to it in a manner so energic and charismatic!

    I hope that this is not de last episode by the way it finished, with Martin not telling the MJN air crew the result of his test. Hope next year we have more of this awesome show!

  • It’s been left up in the air, but for weeks now there have been several hints regarding the end of MJN, so I’m expecting one final episode, maybe Zurich as someone suggested. John Cleese had the right idea to finish Fawlty Towers after two series before it became stale, Don’t drag Cabin Pressure out to series five or six, finish it on a high.

  • It can’t end like that! And there’s still Zurich to go.
    I felt so proud of Martin proving his knowledge and then being offered a proper job at last.
    Another Christmas episode to finish it off? Please John Finnemore?

  • At the end of tonight’s episode I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Martin’s interview was priceless, and its good to see characters develop, as Martin has.I thought the fact that he didn’t tell the others that he had been offered the job, realising what he would be giving up, quite touching. After 4 series though, a change is due.The story lines about MJN Air’s financial problems and Martin working unpaid to fulfill his dream have a limited lifespan.Having said that, I would hate to see any of the characters written out, or any of the actors leave.They are such a good team.Replacing Benedict Cumberbatch with another actor to play Martin would not be right. The ending suggests at least one more episode- Capt Crieff’s final flight for MJN Air,destination Zurich?
    p.s.Can you imagine having Martin as a passenger?

  • Yverdon-les-Bains was… BRILLIANT…!!! But, seriously, Martin HAS to take that job (sob!).

  • What an episode. I was in alone in an empty house stripping wallpaper and laughing my head off for this episode. At the end I cried “Noooo! you can’t do this to us!”

    I really love the character development in Cabin Pressure. Every series has been hilarious, but by series 4 you are clinging to your radio really CARING about what happens to these people. I haven’t been this emotionally attached to characters since reading the Harry Potter books.

    Highlights: Arthur trying to reassure Martin and chirping that he’s quite happy to be a porter in a hotel if MJN breaks up. I was fighting a lump in my throat at that part! Also Arthur trying to serve a customer through swollen lips!

    Well done Mr Finnemore and THANK YOU for Cabin Pressure!

  • Jean, Lee and Liz please make up! No unpleasantness in the fandom of such a warm hearted series!

    Happy Valentines to all CP fans x

    • Happy Valentine’s to everyone! I do love this fandom :)

  • Hallelujah – it’s been left open for another series! In one past episode someone did take B.C.’s place, and I didn’t notice until the credits, so I wouldn’t be against a cast change, as long as there isn’t a character change. The mix of Douglas, Martin, Arthur and Carolyn is fantastic – the loss of any one would spoil the magic. John Finnemore – you are Brilliant!

  • Just to join in with all the evidently like-minded possessors of excellent taste, I have been an avid devotee of Cabin Pressure since it began. For the record my favourite episode is Gdansk featuring the batty and glorious Madame Szyszko Bohusz. But then there is Miss Marple Goes to Paris, (Yellow) Carspotting En-route to Devon, the sugar-bomb birthday party incident …. oh one is absolutely spoilt for choice. The fact we’ve got 25 episodes to lovingly revisit for ever is …. BRILLIANT!!!!

    Hopefully at least one more to come too – if it is to be only one more I’d love it to be an hour-long Christmas special, 28 minutes is just too short ….

  • From the horse’s mouth (sorry Mr Finnemore):
    “It is not and never was my intention that Yverdon should be the last ever episode of Cabin Pressure.

    I mean, come on guys, give me some credit. A to Y?”

    Hope springs ….

  • Hope this isn’t off-topic but for all BC fans out there, he can be heard in Blake’s 7:The Early Years (not sure how to insert a link but “Blake’s 7 Early Years” in your search engine should find it)
    Available on CDs or download.
    And before anyone jumps down my throat about how corny the old TV series was, then yes it was very much of its time (cardboard sets etc!) but these audio plays were written recently and work very well. The writing is intelligent and the cast strong, including Geoffrey Palmer, Colin Salmon and Keeley Hawes, also Daniela Nardini as Servalan (The TV Servalan was a hard act to follow but this one succeeds. And she’s Scottish! Who’d a thought it?)
    Benedict Cumberbatch is absolutely compelling in Jenna:The Dust Run and Jenna:The Trial but you may find, as I did, that all the episodes are worth a listen, excellent radio drama.

  • Has JF’s blog just vindicated my capitalised first response? There’s more coming – hurrah!

  • Zurich? The man who gave us Moloquai, Qikiqtarjuak and Uskerty (not Moscow, Quebec and Uttoxeter) is going to take the easy way out via Zurich? I don’t think so.

  • I’ve listened to this epsiode several times (so many, infact that I think I might have worn out the i-player tape). I didn’t like it at all on the first listen, I think I’d convinced myself that it would be a wrapping-up episode with Herc and Carolyn leaving, Martin getting another job and Douglas and Arthur becoming men with venn. Then I realised I didn’t want anything so final so even if there is no Zurich (or Zagreb or Zanzibar) I can imagine the possibilities.

  • Brilliant! If Martin does leave, I think the idea of Douglas and Herc feuding in the airplane is hilarious. But I hope Martin stays and we hear more from his princess :D

  • If this is the end (or nearly) then all I can say is a massive massive thank you to John and the fab cast for what I really think is one of my favourite radio series of all time (also a fan of Round the Horne, HHGG and others) – I think I know practically all the episodes virtually by heart now. So many moments and turns of phrase have become part of my vocabulary and I’m forever saying ‘Oh, this is just like the bit in Cabin Pressure where…’. I’ve converted all my friends and family – my lucky brother has only just started from scratch (I think he’s on G, and is rationing himself to one a day).
    There hasn’t, in my opinion, been a single duff episode – or even moment. My favourites are: Douz, Johannesburg (unbeatable opening sequence), St Petersburg, Rotterdam…..
    Just one thing – can anyone clear up? In series three, Benedict sounds appealingly husky for most of the episodes and then was replaced by Tom Goodman Hill (not a bad impression, Tom) for Newcastle – was he ill? It’s been bugging me all this time!

  • It occurred to me that there is a possibility that if Martin decides to take the new job, there is the job opening for Herc – then he wouldn’t need to move to Switzerland, far away from Carolyn. MJN would still keep going and it would create such wonderful hilarious situations between Captain Shipwright and 1st Officer Richardson.

So, what do you think?