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How to Listen to Cabin Pressure Series 4

If you’re here on this site, you will doubtless have at least a passing interest in listening to the brand new series that starts tomorrow. Here’s a quick guide for how you can do so…

Broadcast time: Wednesday 9th January 2013 18:30BST on BBC Radio 4

UK Listeners
Tune in to BBC Radio 4 on 92-95 FM, 103-105 FM or 198 LW
Radio 4 is also available on Medium Wave using the following locations as a guide:
Aberdeen – 1449 MW
Belfast – 720 MW
Carlisle – 1485 MW
Cornwall – 756 MW
Enniskillen – 774 MW
London – 720 MW
Londonderry – 720 MW
Newcastle – 603 MW
Plymouth – 774 MW

International Listeners
Despite us Brits being the valiant license fee payers, radio is not treated the same as TV shows by the BBC and Radio is broadcast online for the whole world to enjoy. Regardless of your nationality (with possible exception of North Korea), you can listen live online at:
If, for whatever reason, that fails you, try this one instead which opens as a popup:

Some media players such as Real Player also have radio feeds and you may be able to use those also.

All users will have access to episodes for a minumum of 7 days after their respective broadcasts on the radio section of the BBC iPlayer. Episodes are also made available to listen again on the Cabin Pressure BBC Pages.

Thorny Issue
Please don’t be tempted to record/download the episodes and make them available online – I know inevitably someone will, but this contravenes the BBC licence. If you want a copy to keep for ever and ever, they will be made available for purchase and won’t be expensive. Let’s face it, it’s worth a couple of quid! Remember that the one thing that drives ANY kind of production is sales, so if you would like continued production, like I do, then buying your own copy would only help the BBC decide to make more!

Hope this helps. How are you feeling about the new series? Excited? Let us all know in the comments.


  • iPlayer doesn’t work for users outside of the UK.

  • Can’t get this to play on my Android tablet, only my desktop PC. Any suggestions?

    • Might be that your tablet doesnt support Flash, but without seeing it I dont know, sorry.

      • Thanks for the suggestion. I have a Google Nexus 7 running Android 4.2.1 (JellyBean), which did not have Flash as the default browser (Chrome) no longer supports it.

        So I downloaded & installed Flash, & used a different browser to try again. Still no luck. My guess is that they just didn’t want to add the Android O/S to the supported systems.

        At least I can listen to it on my PC. Just can’t carry it with me to listen elsewhere.

  • Regarding the ‘thorny issue’ matter above, the statement is “If you want a copy to keep for ever and ever, they will be made available for purchase and won’t be expensive.” Amazon UK’s price increased more than 50%, from12.75 to 20.40, during the limited time it was available. Today I checked Amazon US, UK and Canada, and all show it out of stock and don’t know when or if it will be available again. This less than 3 months after the release date. Obviously people (including me) have been buying the professional releases, but also obviously they are already no longer to be had. Do you think this could be why devoted fans record and share?

  • OOPS!! and also, DUH! On my comment above, it was only after I’d clicked ‘Post comment’, shut down my computer and walked away, that it dawned on me that I never specified it was CP the Collected Series I was talking about. Of course Series 4 is not available yet. Talk about having an Arthur moment…

    What I was trying, so ineptly, to say was that if the BBC don’t want people making their own recordings, they really need to make the legitimate form much more readily available for purchase.

    • It’s a valid point – I too was looking at the Collected Series CDs and noticed that the price shot up on Amazon, but I’ve never seen it be anything other than out of stock on there. Hopefully they will get more in soon, or yes, you’re right people will be tempted to find downloads, though the quality of these will be far inferior due to the compression.

  • Looks like you can buy legitimate BBC downloads, including series 4 episode by episode here for 99p. Previous series are just 2.99 each to download! Personally I have the first 3 series from Audible and will probably wait til series 4 pops up on there too. http://www.audiogo.com/uk/browse-categories/bbc-radio/bbc-radio-comedy/contemporary/cabin-pressure?show_all=true

  • Every time I tried to stream an episode on the BBC radio site it froze like 10 mintues in. And it happens each time so I haven’t finished a single one from this series. Do we know about how long before the whole series is available for purchase?

  • Aw, it looks like they’ve taken down all the free episodes. Unless you catch it live, I don’t think there’s a way to hear the program anymore without buying them.

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