9 Apr
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I am Cabin Pressure – Brilliant Cabin Pressure ‘Advert’ in the Style of Nikon Commercial

You may have seen this already, particularly those of you who follow Cabin Pressure Fans on Twitter, but for those who have not, this is not to be missed.

A lovingly created and beautifully edited short video in the style of the current Nikon advert all about Cabin Pressure. It doesn’t really need much more of an introduction, just enjoy it! This video was created by theKASKproject (http://thekaskproject.tumblr.com/) with lots of help from Tracionn! Well done to you all.

Let us know what you think in the comments :)


  • Just ….. Brilliant ….. :) :)

    Yellow car


  • This is well done! All CP fans must watch.
    Thank you for making this awesome video, theKASKproject!

  • I have only one word to describe this: BRILLIANT!

  • Excellent video! A really fan work! It translates the CabinPressure fan spirit!


    Congratulations to theKASKproject!

  • That’s fantastic!

  • Is it really embarrassing to admit that this brings a tear to my eye?

    • Nope; exact same thing happened here.

      • Ditto

    • This is great, and it brought a lump to my throat!

    • Sniff.

  • The video is PARAMOUNT! :)

  • That is simply superb! And amazingly heartwarming

  • Totally Awesome.

  • Brings a grin to my face :)
    Do you know where the clip of John Finnemore was from?

    • It’s from the pilot episode of ‘Spats’. You can watch it on Vimeo.

      • I only just got this, sorry, I expected it to email me and it didn’t…Thanks, I shall :)

  • Absolutely brilliant

  • Love the video..BRILLIANT. X

  • I’ve been out of touch for a LONG time — since CP fourth season ended — and got lonely, so came back here to play. I LOVE this ad. I wish I had friends to share it with, but here in the USA/Colorado, no one I know follows Cabin Pressure. I’ve loaned people my CDs, but have won no converts. Therefore, I’m going to toss an apple up and down and look for polar bears out the window and have a banana. Fizz. Buzz. Thanks for posting this!

    • I’m from Texas and I’ve had your experience — but it’s great to know that you in Colorado understand how how good it is to crack your knuckes, how St Peter feels about letting otters into Heaven, and how Martin feels about permitting them (unsupervised) into the flight deck . . .

  • Surely it should be otters at the beginning rather then beavers

    • They are sea otters not beavers!

  • As a massive fan of Nikon, ( Its the tool of my trade, and I command three!), and Cabin Pressure is my favorite comedy of all time, TV or Radio, I think this ad is superb!

  • yeah, it’s … oh how can I describe it? Yeah, that’s it, got it! Brilliant!!

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