16 Dec
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Just One Week Until Cabin Pressure Zurich – Let’s Get Trending!

With just a week to go until the first part of the final Cabin Pressure episode, excitement is definitely building along with the sadness that this is to be the last installment of the show. With the inevitable chat and discussion on social media about the upcoming episode, it has come to my attention that there are already resources on the web that contain spoilers for the show. Please don’t be tempted to share these on the mainstream social channels without making people aware of the spoilers as there are many people out there, such as myself, who do not wish to know how the story unfolds. If you do want to find out then that is entirely up to you, but please avoid spoiling it for others! If you do choose to share resources that may contain spoilers, please make it very clear that the spoilers are there so that people are able to choose for themselves whether to view it or not.

The last time Cabin Pressure came back after a long break, we managed to get the hashtag #CabinPressure trending at position No3 in the UK…
#CabinPressure trending

Wouldn’t it be good to do that again, or get it to the top of the list? Is it unthinkable to get on the WORLDWIDE list? Well there’s no harm in trying!


When Cabin Pressure is about to air on the 23rd Decmember, let’s all tweet #CabinPressure as much as we can and get others to do it too and let’s see how far we can take it! Please share this as much as you can and be part of getting the community noticed!

So, what do you think?