3 Oct
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Cabin Pressure Final Episode(s!) Zurich to be Two-Parter

Its been a long wait, and there is still more waiting to do for the final episode of Cabin Pressure, but as Zurich starts to loom on the horizon at the end of the year, some good news has been announced.

Writer John Finnemore has been in discussion with the BBC and, due to the lengthy recording time, they have agreed to air the final episode as TWO thirty minute episodes to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 December 2014

So the excitement has doubled – there are two episodes to look forward to, please do share your thoughts and excitement in the comments!┬áSee the announcement in the video below.


  • Omg best christmas presents ever!!!

  • WooHoo

    That is all

  • Two episodes?


  • Hurrah!!

  • Brilliant!

  • Brilliant!

  • So sad Cabin Pressure coming to a close,but what brilliant news that it’s ending on a two parter.

    • What brilliant news. But sad that it’s the final one.

      • What brilliant news.

  • Brilliant!

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