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Cabin Pressure – Zurich Part I

Broadcast date: 23 December 2014 18:30 GMT, BBC Radio 4
For information on how you can listen from the UK and abroad, go to the how to listen to Cabin Pressure Zurich

Plot Teaser
As Martin decides whether to take his new job, is this the end for MJN Air? And just what has Arthur paintedon the side of the van?

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Cast / Crew
Carolyn Knapp-Shappey – Stephanie Cole
1st Officer Douglas Richardson – Roger Allam
Capt Martin Crieff – Benedict Cumberbatch
Arthur Shappey – John Finnemore
Captain Hercules “Herc” Shipwright – Anthony Head
Princess Theresa – Matilda Ziegler
Gordon Shappey – Timothy West
Karl – Dan Tetsell
Bruce Fraser – Gordon Kennedy
The Auctioneer – Jonathan Kydd

Writer – John Finnemore
Director – David Tyler
Producer – David Tyler

What did you think?
What did you think of this episode? What was your favourite moment? Your favourite line? If you have any thoughts about the episode, please share them in the comments below!


  • Cast / Crew
    The Auctioneer – Jonathan Kydd

    He has a name, you know. =P

    • Hopefully nobody missed that line from the show, or else I’m going to look quite odd.

  • That episode was wonderful, though it has me wondering– what is Douglas scheming that can wrap up the *entire* series in just 27 minutes? I mean, I know he’s great and all, but is John Finnemore really the type to wrap everything up in Christmas paper and tie it in festive string?

    I don’t think so. But only time shall tell.

  • Loved it! Lots of silliness, a word game to think on, skullDOUGerry, and Carolyn being sentimental! Favourite bit though had to be Martin’s ears going red… (Not that I heard much as I was laughing too hard!)

  • I was nearly crying- both because everyone was leaving and because I was laughing so hard!

  • Worried about ‘Bruce’. Reminded me of Gordon’s monosyllabic minion from St Petersburg.

  • Worried about Gordon. Reminded me of Gordon’s monosyllabic minion in St Petersburg.

  • Brilliant!
    “Lot 42″ – Surely a nod to Hitchhikers? Anybody spotted any others over the years? The only other one I have noticed is “His name is not important”.

  • Pedantry corner:
    In the last episode of the last series, Arthur had an allergic reaction and turns “posh” during the conversation he has with Martin at the YlB airport. But in Episode 1 of Zurich, the last part is replayed and Arthur’s speech is normal. Miraculous cure? I need to get out more

  • I couldn’t help but point out that cuckoo clocks were originally made in Germany’s Black Forest, not Switzerland.

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