6 Sep
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Cabin Pressure Recording Photographs and Video

Check out these photographs taken at the live recording of Cabin Pressure. There is also a video after the photographs taken at the recording of Qikiqtarjuaq (Series 3 episode 1) featuring Roger Allam (as Douglas Richardson, left), Melanie Hudson (as Nancy Dean Liebhart, centre) and Benedict Cumberbatch (as Martin Crieff, right).

Massive thanks go to Twitter user and Cabin Pressure fan @sheax for supplying these photos and video and granting permission for me to add it to the Cabin Pressure Fans site. You can check out sheax on deviant art too.

Hope you enjoy these pics, let me know in the comments!

Cabin Pressure RecordingCabin Pressure RecordingCabin Pressure RecordingCabin Pressure RecordingCabin Pressure RecordingCabin Pressure RecordingCabin Pressure Recording

Have you been to a recording of Cabin Pressure? Do you have any photographs you would like to share? I would love to see them so let me know if you do!


  • Love it! Wish I could find more like this on the internet…

  • YAY!!!!!! This is from Qikiqtarjuaq, my #1 FAVE episode of all 3 series. I only wish we could get more recording clips like this, but this one alone has made my day. Thank you, CBF!!

  • I’ve been dying to see some pictures of the recording!!!Thanks so much *3*

  • Oh, so brilliant to see a littel bit from this show! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! Makes my day so much better <3

  • Oh thank you so much for this! :) I was totally curious about pictures of the recording and the video is great. I hope that there will be more. I’d love to go to a recording. ^____^

  • I love that there are photos from the recording sessions. I would attend a taping if I didn’t have an ocean blocking my way.

  • So much thanks to you both for sharing these, especially the video. The whole cast are just adorable. And OMG, Benny’s HAIR!!!!

  • I can’t go over Ben’s hair. I wish they have more video footage.

  • Brilliant!!!
    Thanks for posting this little insite in this great show :D

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