4 Feb
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Golf Echo Romeo Tango India

Golf Echo Romeo Tango India, or GERTI, for short. The beloved aircraft in which Cabin Pressure is set and without which MJN Air could not exist. What could this post be about? I hear you ask. Well I’ve been contacted by a couple of people recently with things to share related to the aircraft. Prepare to be amazed… and then schooled!

The first comes from Ross Herbert of Herefordshire, who’s son has lovingly created a model of GERTI complete with logos, name and callsign. Its fantastic, so thanks goes to Guy Herbert for creating and sharing it. Larger versions of the image can be seen on Ross’ Flickr account.

Model of GERTI

The second comes from Matt Ashby, who is clearly a man who knows his stuff! Does GERTI have to be fictitious? Well not any more. Matt says this:

I have worked in the buisness aviation world for the last 10 years, so I do know a fair bit about biz jets. From the script we know GERTI is a fictious aircraft, a Lockheed McDonnell 312, however as Douglas says in the last episode about “giving the engine under the wing to arthur” it puts us in a slight problem that no true biz jets have engine under the wing. So I have made some adaptations to a one-off aircraft: it was a Mcdonald Douglas 220. It originaly had four engines but I photshopped two out. It could seat up to 20 so in a biz jet config of 16, it would work out fine. So this is the closest thing to GERTI in the world.

So this is what GERTI could actually look like! Clever chap, thanks Matt.

GERTI mockup

So there you go! Please show your appreciation to the contributors in the comments below. As always, if you feel you have something to contribute, please get in touch.


  • Great models folks. Still not convinced about Arthur being given any sort of engine, no matter where it might be in the aircraft though.

    • Yes, Arthur was given an engine, to be precise No2 in the episode St Petersburg. While returning from St P presumably to home at Fritton GERTI suffers a bird strike to engine No2, a large bird probably a goose. (Arthur is very worried about the goose’s welfare.) The engine is a write off and would take £250,000 to replace which Carolyn does not have. As what seems to be a final resort she calls her ex-husband, Gordon, Arthur’s father, who’s been offering to buy back GERTI at decreasing amounts. He rushes out to St P with Tommo his flight engineer and after “inspecting” GERTI for several hours he offers Carolyn £500 which she naturally refuses. Gordon refuses Arthur’s gift of a bottle of Gordon’s gin in a very nasty way. On the way to their motel Douglas wonders why it took so long to check out GERTI, the only major thing wrong with her is the burnt out engine. He suspects that Gordon is going to steal GERTI so turns them round and they return to her hangar where they find a spanking new No2 engine attached to the wing. Douglas sets a trap and they wait for Gordon to return. Gordon gets permission to taxi to the runway for takeoff from ATC then grabs the joy stick and screams in pain. Douglas has previously taken it outside into the -20C cold and Gordon’s hands are now frozen to it. All, except Arthur appear from their hiding places and to shorten this entry (!!!!) in return for Arthur’s gift of a bottle of gin (the only safe substance for defrosting the hands) Douglas suggests that Gordon give Arthur a return gift – the new engine under the wing. TraLa So all ends happily. Series 3 ep 6

  • Wow, Brilliant! :)

    • So do I – to be in pride of place in the living room. The second picture is truer with the engines under the wings, but could we have her in the MJN regalia?

  • Okay. I really want a model of GERTI now.
    Great to know what she looks like now! Cheers!

  • This is brilliant!!!!

  • This is awesome! I’m so glad this exists, and special thanks to Matt for that picture because I used it as a reference for a piece of art :)

  • You spelt McDonnell wrong: and details here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McDonnell_119
    I always imagined an MD-80, and as for engine under the wing I thought it would literally be bolted on, like this: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Qantas/Boeing-747-438/0289429/&sid=27e8ee64ef8d03a5ff7f45eb32e0bf87&refresh=1
    For those that don’t know, in that picture there would normally be two engines

    Can’t wait for series 4! Does everyone follow JF’s blog?

  • Thank you for sharing these with us!

  • Can we use this image of GERTI ,model? If so, who should I contact?

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