The Cabin Pressure Theme Music

Ever wondered what the theme tune to Cabin Pressure actually is? Well wonder no more…

The theme music is composed by Mikhail Glinka of Russia and entitled Overture to Ruslan and Lyudmila – a 5 act opera written by Glinka between 1837 and 1842 and based on a poem written by Alexander Pushkin. Glinka lived between 1804 – 1857 and is widely credited as being the father of Russian Classical music, producing two major operas in his lifetime. He spent parts of his life living in Russia, Italy, Spain, France and Germany while being able to speak Russian, Polish, German, French, Italian and Spanish while also studying English, Latin and Persian. Clever chap it would seem!

“A nation creates music – the composer only arranges it.” – Mikhail Glinka

Check out a couple of videos of the piece being played in full below, it really is impressive. The first by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Israel and the second an arrangement for 4 pianos by the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.