The Travelling Lemon

LemonsGood news! We have a new project to get our teeth into, and you’ve probably guessed what it is from the page title. That’s right, we’re going to make a collection of Travelling Lemon pictures – the game featured in Cabin Pressure episode (S03E01) Qikiqtarjuaq. The photos will be hosted on a dedicated board on Pinterest so if you want to look at the submissions, view it here.

All you have to do is take a picture of a lemon on its travels. Now, there needs to be a rule set to avoid too many submissions and to make sure the very best travels are recorded. The guidelines are set out below.

You can submit your travelling lemon by mentioning @cabin_pressure on Twitter with a picture or sending me a link to your picture on another site such as Tumblr. The picture does need to be hosted on the internet somewhere to enable me to pin it. You may be on pinterest already, if so, you can let me know if you have pinned a Travelling Lemon picture and it might get repinned onto the board. You are welcome to be in the photograph if you choose to be but this is not a requirement! You cab send me a link to your photo or pin via the contact page on the website, by emailing or through Twitter – I’ll take care of the rest.

If it makes the cut, the photo will be added to the pinterest board. Any submissions that contravene the rules will not be added. So get snapping! All photos that make the board will be credited to you!

We DO want…

  • …High quality photos -not huge dimensions, please limit to 800px wide
  • …Interesting locations – the top entries will contain internationally recognised landmarks and places or interesting, beautiful or spectacular surroundings
  • …Interesting Events & Activites – Top sporting events, concerts, festivals, celebrations or activities like skydiving, skiing or of course flying!
  • …Original ideas – The more interesting/funny/impressive the better. For example, why not dress your lemon up to suit its surroundings?
  • …Your photos – please only submit pictures that YOU have taken, do NOT pinch other people’s!
  • …Cabin Pressure Themes! – If you can get a Cabin Pressure reference (eg a Lemon in Kuala Lumpur is already on the board) then you score highly!
  • …Famous People! – If you can get a well-known celebrity holding a lemon (especially if they look confused) then you also score highly!
  • … – (Optional!) write on your lemon to help spread the love
  • …Personality – Put yourself in the picture if you want to, completely your choice!


  • …Break any local or international laws in attempting to picture your lemon
  • …Put yourself in ANY danger of injury – This is not planking. Any photos that appear dangerous will not be added
  • …Be disrespectful – Do not photo a lemon in any location that could be offensive or insensitive to other people, eg War Memorials
  • …Be boring! – We want well known, exciting, interesting, impressive, original photos
  • …Pester celebrities – It is a bit of fun, but please don’t annoy people too much with requests
  • …Steal other people’s photos and submit them as your own
  • …Be offended if your photo doesn’t make the board, its just fun and only the best are going to make it on there!

These rules may be updated further later on, so please check back when you can. But for now… THE LEMON IS IN PLAY. Look forward to seeing your submissions!